Colorful Beach Cottages

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Ya’ll are in for such a treat today! I know many of you (like me) enjoy looking at houses and seeing all the different architectural styles that are out there. Today, we are taking a look up close and personal at beach cottages…..

Those of us who grew up in the South have most likely vacationed in the panhandle of Florida and enjoyed the Gulfcoast for many years. If you have never experienced this part of Florida, you are truly missing out on a huge treat. I even hesitate to brag on it too much, as the crowds are already capacity as it is, but this is one great beach to see and enjoy.

Seaside began back in the early 80’s and has grown tremendously and now other developments are springing up and down the coast from Destin to Panama City Beach….Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, and Grayton Beach to name a few. You will see all sorts of coastal homes along here, with Seaside being the most colorful and popular spot around. If you saw The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, then you saw Seaside. It’s such a picturesque spot and truly a developer’s dream. Very pricey though, you gotta have a deep wallet to buy in Seaside or surrounding areas! I have always been enamored with the colorful beach cottages in Seaside, so decided to snap some pics of many of them this year. These all are mostly in Seaside, with a few in Sandestin or Seagrove Beach. Enjoy the tour…..I sure did enjoy taking them! I daresay there is not such an array of colorful beach cottages to be found anywhere else.

Is this not the most lucious blue siding and door? This is one of my faves.

Streets in Seaside.

Love this green house with the purple door, another fave.
Love this green one too.

This one was on the same street as our condo and was really a cool looking cottage.

Seaside Pavillion

Inn by the Sea in Seaside (above)
Did you get your beach cottage fix?! Which one is your favorite?? I marked mine. See what I do for my wonderful readers? I knew y’all would love to see these too.

There’s still two more days of Florida to come so stay tuned.
Edited to Add: Please go and visit Melissa at The Inspired Room for more Drive-bys Around the World. There will be lots of inspiration to see!

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