Connect Four, only in wood. And gorgeous.

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My husband comes from a family of players. Game players, that is. The next time we host a family dinner, I’d love to pull out this gorgeous four in a row wood game to engage in a bit of healthy competition. (Spoiler alert: I’ve always been awesome at Connect 4.)

This wood game from Monkey Pod Games still requires strategy, just like the plastic version we all grew up playing. It’s still fast paced, and it still, I imagine, makes a satisfying “clink” when you stack one wooden disc atop another. Didn’t you just love that sound when you were a kid?

The fact that this four in a row game is made of wood means it’s a bit pricier than your typical board game. But the wooden version is so beautiful that you’ll want to leave it open on a table, so you’ll play the game more often than if it were hidden away in your toy closet. That, you see, will bring down its cost per play. If your kids love Connect 4 as much as I did as a child, the game basically pays for itself.

Shop for Monkey Pod Games four in a row wood game at our affiliate Amazon, for a fantastic holiday gift for any kid or adult who still likes to play games. For more ideas, check out seven of our favorite family board games.


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