Craftroom Tour – IKEA Furniture and Storage Ideas

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A Craftroom Tour can often be the dream for a crafter. To drool over the organisation, the ease of access and the creative storage options sheer happiness. Many recent requests for a Craftroom Tour during a Facebook Live, had me do just that this week.

Six years ago I spent my Voluntary Redundancy money from my last job into this fabulous craft space. I’d taken over our Dining Room table and really needed more space, so an outbuilding seemed the best option.

A log cabin at the end of our sizable garden, blocking a messy corner to a neighbouring field was the perfect location. With windows to the West, it receives wonderful afternoon sunshine through the side windows. With insulated roof and floor, it can get quite toasty in there but I do have trickle heaters in there for the winter months to help keep my cardstock from spoiling.

At approximately 6mtrs by 3mtrs for the main section of the building, I’ve lots of space in there but it’s this end of the room that I call my work area.

IKEA Offers some amazing Storage with the KALLAX Wall Unit (formerly Expedit) often seen used by many a crafter. The cubed shelving offers so much storage. I’ve added some drawers and cupboard inserts to some of mine but also had some bespoke inserts made. The Cardstock slots, Ink Pad, pen and Punch inserts were all purchased from Creations by Rod.

To the right of this unit are two tall GNEDBY shelves where I store my Stamp Sets. They are stored loosely in alphabetical order.

This wall, which sits behind me when I’m sat at my desk, was the biggest game-changer for me. Finally, my workspace was better organised and I worked more efficiently. I store my Cardstock and Ink Pads in Rainbow colour order. Each paper slot takes two packs of our cardstock, so I have plenty of card to keep me going.

Storing Designer Series Paper

In the row beneath my punches, I have two cubes where I store my 12″ x 12″ Designer Series Papers. I use these WestonBoxes from Amazon to store each pack in. I have 8″ square ones for my 6×6″ paper packs that I store elsewhere.  Labelling the end with the name of the paper pack and a circle of each colour found within the pack, helps me find coordinating paper quickly.

I use the Dymo Label Manager 160 to label these up and my Scraps wallets which you’ll also see me use.

The half-size Wood Block stamp cases fit perfectly in the Kallax Drawers and again are labelled at the endfor easy finding.

A dedicated cutting station allows me to leave an industrial-sized Guillotine up at all times. I use this a lot when prepping for my big All Day Events and Overnight Retreats. The table is at a height that means I’m not leaning over, so saving my back from straining. This table is actually an IKEA Kitchen Island, which I also have for my main craft desk.

Cutting Station

The Light you see in this photo is the same that I use over my main craft area. I purchased these a long while ago but the Daylight company offer something very similar now. It offers a Daylight bulb and has a magnifier built in, not that I use that part. Be that it can be clamped to the desk, it doesn’t take up any space and can be lowered and moved around.

The blue handled Really Usesful Boxes are great for storing all of my designed classes in. Each one takes 12×12″ cardstock, so is great not only for the purpose I use but also scrapbooking.

I’m a firm believer that Ribbon needs to be seen to be used, so I like mine to be out on display. These shelves from IKEA are Picture shelves called MALMBÄCK and take a spool perfectly.

PegBoard Wall

These pegboards by IKEA have been a recent addition during Lockdown and have brought about greater organisation close to hand. I now have a place for every adhesive and regularly used item. There are so many options on setting them up that you really can’t go wrong with them.

With my back to the majority of the colour, I like to have some in eyesight, so I have my Alcohol blends pens in our Stampin’ Up! Blends storage upon my desk. I love seeing the rainbow of colour.

Die Cutting Station

The latest addition to my craft room is this beauty … The New Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Machine by Stampin’ Up! Oh my goodness it’s not only beautiful but it works like a dream and will be available for customers to purchase from the beginning of September 2020. It can be added to a starter kit right now.

Leaving a Magnetic sheet next to my die cutting machine limits the chance of me losing a die when using them.

My Dies are all stored in their wallets on a magnetic sheet in alphabetical order. The oversized packets are stored in a plate rack.

Adjacent from my desk I have two IKEA Alex Drawers stacked that store my paper Scrap wallets.

I have a drawer for each Stampin’ Up! colour family. I have the drawer labelled with both Colour family name and a punch of colour and a wallet for each colour, clearly labelled. I work from these before I cut into another full sheet of card.

This wheeled RÅSHULT Trolley is a must-have in any craft room, whether it be needlework or papercrafts they are just so useful. I have two, one immediately by my desk with my Acryllic blocks and immediately used tools in and this one.

This trolley sits by my class tables and stores my bins and hand wipes but also stores my Photography props. On a day to day basis, I rest my photography table on the top of it. Formally a table top, it has been painted dark on one side and white on the other.

Finally I have an adhesives shop that sits on top of my display unit. I always stock a variety so if any of my customers are in urgent need of some, they know where to come. This little storage unit was picked up from a second-hand shop many years ago and love the little drawers in it.

Adhesives Shop

I really hope you have enjoyed this tour of my craft room. If you wanted to see the Live Tour that I recently offered as part of a Facebook Live, you can still view it by following the link below.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to welcome you back to my Craftroom soon.


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