Dates & Coconut Modak with Jowar Flour ~ Sugar Free Recipe

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Dates Modak with Sorghum Flour / Jowar Kozhukattai Recipe
Preparation & Cooking Time : 40 mins
Makes about 12 -14


Sorghum Flour / Jowar Flour : 1 Cup
Chopped Dates: ½ cup
Grated Fresh Coconut : ½ Cup
White Sesame Seeds: 2 tbsp
A big pinch of salt
Ghee: 1 tsp


1. Dry
roast the sesame seeds on a medium flame till light brown color and
allow it to cool. Grind the roasted sesame seeds to a fine powder and
set aside.

2. Grind the chopped dates into a paste. In a bowl, add the
dates paste, ground sesame seeds and grated fresh coconut and combine
very well. Roll this mixture into small round shape balls and keep them

3. Combine the sorghum flour and salt in a wide bowl. Add
boiling water little by little  to the flour, mix very well with a
spatula and make a soft dough.

4. Allow it cool for 3 – 5 minutes then knead it well. The dough
should be soft and smooth.

5. Grease your palms with a little ghee.Take a ball of the rice flour dough and flatten it.

6. Place
the dates mixture ball in the middle and cover it from all sides
towards the middle and shape into a round ball.

7. Place them in a greased
idly plates and steam cook them for 10 – 15 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

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