Diwali Sweets – 15 yummy Sweets under 20 minutes

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Most of the Women nowadays are professionals working for long hours. Making home made sweets and snacks for Diwali is challenge for them. Because most of the dishes especially sweets need more time for preparation and also great expertise.  Most of us have a perception that sweets need more expertise. Yes, it is true for some dishes but there are few sweet dishes that may not go wrong even for the beginners and also those dishes take only less time to concoct. So, I have planned to give here some of the easy and yummy sweets that can be done within 20 minutes.

There are few parameters that I have considered in grouping them  “under 20 mins recipes” category.

1. Condensed Milk

Conventional method of making few sweets such as palkhova, need more effort especially with reducing the quantity of milk to 1/4th of its original quantity.  Because of the effort and complexity, many of us are preferring to buy the sweets from shop. But, Nowadays we are getting condensed milk that makes our life easier especially in making sweets that need more working with milk. So with the condensed milk in hand, some of the given recipes are quite simple and straight forward and we can finish off the whole process under 20 minutes.

2. No Cooking Dishes:

There are few dishes like Maladu, Rawa Laadu, dates ladoo and few other ladoo varieties which doesn’t need cooking and are very simple and quick dishes. No worries about syrup consistencies, no hassle with milk or cheese. All these ladoos can be done within 20 minutes and are so delicious. These ladoos are geat dishes for sharing with our friends and relatives too

3. Simple Procedure:

Few dishes like Kaju Katli, Seven cups Cake and coconut burfi are very easy dishes with simple procedures. Kaju (Cashew) an expensive ingredient but making Kaju Katli is very simple and we get more pieces of katli at home. 1kg of Kaju Katli is around 1000Rs. now, just getting a 250gms of cashews, we can make around 30 pieces of kaju katli and the process is so simple that you may never go wrong.


Lets see the Diwali Sweets which we can make “Under 20 mins”


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