DIY Easy Kallax Ikea Hack

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If you are into Ikea hacks than today is your lucky day! We have a Kallax Ikea Hack TV stand for you.

We transformed our Kallax large bookcase from Ikea into a space saving Entertainment center stand in just a few hours for our newly renovated home gym.

I am sharing all the details below of how we DIYed this Kallax Ikea hack for just a few dollars!!!

DIY Easy Kallax Ikea Hack

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With our 4 kids home from school indefinitely we are in the process of renovating our downstairs basement into a home gym & office.

Because we decided to turn this room into a home gym it was important for us to have as few furniture as possible in the room.

Our basement orginally had 3 Kallax bookcases in it.

2 small bookcases we used to hold the TV & 1 large Kallax bookcase that was full of books, movies & toys.

We decided to keep the large Kallax bookcase & put our TV on it to save space without buying any more furniture.

Kallax Ikea Hack – How we changed our large bookcase into an entertainment center

Dissemble the center of the Bookcase

Laying the bookcase on its side, we dissembled it & removed the center shelf & vertical sections we no longer wanted so that we could fit the TV in.

In order to support the top shelf without the vertical supports holding it up we had to figure out how to support the top shelf so that it wouldn’t sag in the middle.

Each vertical support has dowel holes up into the top of the bookcase.

Drilling holes to make the Kallax bookcase extra secure

Using a small drill bit (large enough for our screws to screw in) we drilled up through the dowel holes through to the top of the bookcase.

This allowed us to screw 4 inch screws down through the top of the shelf and directly into the vertical supports of the top shelf.

This would secure those vertical supports to top support of the bookcase.

These screws won’t be visible so normal 4 inch drywall screws were used.

The shelf underneath the top vertical supports already had holes to allow the dowels to extend down to the next vertical support.

Adding 3″ Modified Screws for Extra Support

In order to support the top shelf we secured these to the vertical supports using 3 inch modified screws with incorporated washers.

This allowed the shelf to be securely fastened to the vertical support which is already securely attached the to top.

These screws will show but these chrome finished screws give off the appearance of a finished look.

Adding the cut Dowels back

The shelf that we were going to put the TV on also had holes for dowels to go through to the next vertical support.

The dowels were important to keep going down into the lower vertical supports to keep them place.

We put the dowels back in and used a simple chisel to break the dowels at the top of the shelf.

This kept the lower vertical supports in place but allowed for a flat shelf for the TV.

However, this now gave a sort of ugly look to that shelf (holes and cut off dowels) so we wanted to finish that shelf off a bit nicer.

Adding a Reclaimed Wood Top

For the beautiful wood top the TV would rest on, Jason cut up an old church pew we had previously in our dining room (you can see it here).

If you have been following along you would know that there had been some controversy over whether or not to keep this particular church pew & I lost the argument 🙂

However, Jason’s motto is to not let any good wood go to waste!!!

Our New Kallax Ikea Hack Entertainment Center

He cut the pew to fit the shelf perfectly adding a lip over the front.

Lastly we stood the bookcase up & decorated our new TV stand with many movies & Longaberger baskets.

We love how our new bookcase/ entertainment center takes up very little floor space while still holding a ton!

The kids did not waste any time taking advantage of our Kallax Ikea Hack TV Stand!!!

Our DIY Home Gym & Exercise Room is DONE! (see the full reveal here)

I hope this inspires you to change out your Kallax bookcase into a fabulous Kallax Ikea Hack!

by Tara Lehman

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