DIY Tree House Ideas & How To Build A Treehouse (For Your Inspiration)

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How To Build A Treehouse – When we were kids, some of us like to climb trees to play with relatives or other peers. Some even make a tree house with a very simple form to be the object of the game. If remembering events that have been long ago will certainly create a sense of longing and miss to repeat the times of joy and beauty.

Stories of childhood with the tree house can be used as a new inspiration to create a house on a tree that is better and functional. So not just a place to play it. So the size is bigger, with the shape and style of the design made more interesting.

Many advantages gained when staying in a tree house. For example, will get the cool air from the foliage leaf directly. In addition, because the position is above the object of the eye will be more far and wide. Of course this will lead to a sense of more spacious and fresh.

To create a tree house, the first thing to do is to choose a large, strong, and tall tree. The tree also should not be adjacent to another big tree in order not to become a barrier when we want to create a wider and wider space. Try to also choose the type of tree whose leaves are always thick and lush in all seasons. Because if you experience leaf loss in certain seasons of the tree house is not comfortable to occupy.

After getting and determining a suitable tree, the next step is to create the concept and design of the house. To do this work that needs attention is to be able to adjust to the condition of the tree.

Starting from the shape and size of the large and the height and direction of the growth of branches, all need to get a careful calculation. If deemed necessary, cut some parts of the tree branch to get a better shape of the building. But cutting this branch should not reduce the strength of the tree to withstand the burden of the weight of the house to be made.

In order to make a larger tree house, the strength to withstand building loads should not rely on the strength of the main stem alone. So it needs to be made another load container that is construction made of wood. However, if you want to get the maximum resistance and strength that the construction can be made using reinforced concrete or steel.
While the materials to make the best home building and most suitable is wood. Because wood has a lighter and easier to work on. In order for this tree house to be more durable, choose the type of wood bending and strong and that resistant to all forms of weather changes. And before using give wood with a layer of anti-termites and fungi.

After construction is made and installed, then start making stairs as access to enter the house as well as to facilitate the execution of other tasks. If the ladder is finished, proceed with making the floor. Only then install the wall and roof in accordance with the design concept that has been determined.

In order for the construction of the tree house to be stronger to withstand the load, on some of the bottom of the floor can be given a chain of iron or steel that is associated with large branches of trees or other adjacent trees.

Then if you want a more natural and natural look, should the tree house does not need to be stained. The wooden look for the walls and tiles or roofs and stairs are left as is. If you want the house can look beautiful and elegant, use good lighting techniques so that the building of this tree house can be seen clearly at night.

How To Build A Treehouse (Simple Dan Easy)

How To Build A Treehouse

The tree house can be a great place for children to play. Abroad, tree houses are made as safe as possible, usually designed with 4 or 8 wooden pole supports to stay firm.
But how do I make it? Especially so that children feel safe and also not damage the tree? Let’s follow the steps.

Select a Sturdy Tree

Before building a tree house, check first, whether the tree will be occupied sturdy stems? The ideal tree has 2 separate branches forming a “V” letter. Better trees that have grown up, not young or old.

Neighbors Permit And Government Service

This is done when the position of the house close to the general crowd or adjacent to the neighbor’s house, which is worried will be disrupted. If this problem is secure, yes it’s okay.

Design The Base On The Tree

If there is already a healthy and sturdy tree, just think of a suitable design. Typically, tree trunk diameter 3 m is suitable for standard tree house, 2 x 2 m.

Tree House Design

You can find references to the design of a tree house, whether from books, magazines, or magazines. Make the first design of the cardboard / carton. Think also the problem that will arise from the growth of the tree in question.

Determine How To Support

Pair the buffer appropriately, for example, buried the buffer from the poles to the ground near the tree or tie the foundation board with a cable, string or chain on a strong and tall branch.

Specify Access

Before the tree house is built, first determine the access, for example by making stairs, both staircases are nailed to tree trunks, stairs made of ropes, or stairs ordinary homes.

Toward Safety

The tree house should not be too tall, at least the plaform is mounted on a tree 1.8 to 2.4 meters from the ground. Also make a safety fence around the tree house, with a distance between 10cm pole, and pairs of pads on the ground around the tree to anticipate the fall.

Drill Trees At Least At Four Different Points

If the tree has two separate branches like “V”, it will facilitate drilling holes for the buffer. At least the drill depth, 0.95 in each branch “V”. If the tree does not have two such branches, look for the drill points on the tree, which are considered to hold the buffer firmly.

Attach The Main Buffer To The Point Of The Tree Trunk Appropriately

Choose 2 boards at least the size of 5 x 25 cm, then attach to the point of the tree trunk precisely from the side of sturdiness. Drill trees and boards, then attach galvanized lag couplers to the four drill holes that have been drilled, then put the ring as strong as possible.

Put The 4-Square Formation Board On The Main Stand

Place and install 4 boards of 5 x 15 cm in the opposite direction from the main stand, then the key with a 7.6 cm deck screws. Then each end of the board is spliced-around with a board the size of which forms into a 4-square formation.

Paste The Platform On A 4 Square Rectangular Support

Paste and place the platform on a 4 square rectangular support with 8 galvanized tie rafter in upright position. Use also 8 hangers on galvanized horses to attach the support board.

Strengthen Platform With 5 X 10 Cm Board

For a more robust platform, add 2 5 x 10 buffer boards taped to the bottom of the tree on both sides of the platform. Once installed with nails and screws, and locked with a ring, make sure the two boards are aligned and balanced.

Attach The Board Floor That Blends With The Tree

Well, if the platform is settled, you just put the floor boards, whose corners can blend with tree branches by sawn to fit on the tree.

Place Poles, Fences, Handrails, Layers Of Walls, And Roofs

If the floor of the board is settled, you install a pole, handrails, layers of walls and roof according to the design sense, which blends with the ladder, either made of rope, or practical, that is the household staircase.

Paint And Decorate According To Taste

It will be a fun finishing. Invite the children to determine their paint and tree house decoration. Paint and decorate the tree house in a fun and comfortable way to live.

Tree Houses Around in The World

In this article, we will discuss the most beautiful trees in the world. Perhaps by looking at the article, there will be plenty of inspiration that you will be able to set up a tree house. Enjoy.

1. A tree house in British Columbia, Canada

1. A tree house in British Columbia, Canada

A tree house with a circular staircase consisting of 3 houses. Columbia tree house, may need expert workers to be able to make a house like this pohoh. Because viewed from where this house is so fitting built in the middle of a high-felling tree, which then designed so much as a tree house that is so beautiful and interesting.

Maybe from us there who want to stay in this tree house, maybe for those of us who live in Indonesia can make this as long as anyone wants to build and finance it aja. And if so, it will become a tourist and camping place that is very exciting and interesting to try.

2. Tree House from Mirror in Sweden

2. Tree House from Mirror in Sweden

The tree house is made of mirrors, very unique. This unique house will look all its contents, because the tree house is made of mirrors. Like a tree house in Colombia, this tree house was built in the middle of a tree and flanked by four trees.

If we enter into this tree house, it may feel interesting, because we can see the forest and trees towering in the forest without being obstructed by the usual wood used by the usual houses.

At nightfall or if there is a bright moon, the scenery will be more beautiful because we can see directly from inside the house without having to go out looking for a place of relief that is not covered by buildings like houses.

3. A tree house in Amberley, England

3. A tree house in Amberley, England

This tree house is located in Amberley, England. This tree house is above the river and surrounded by trees rooted in water.

For this one tree house, very interesting and unique of course. It takes experts to create a tree house like this. this tree house would be perfect for a weekend away.
Because at home this tree is right on the river, of course when in this house we can relax or fishing to enjoy the flow of a quiet river and the scenery is not less interesting.

At a glance this tree house looks very cute in terms of design and materials. Perhaps this tree house can accommodate only a few people with a relatively small size, maybe only two people to be relieved to live in this tree house.

4. Tree house in Gujarat, India

4. Tree house in Gujarat, India

The tree house is very exciting. No less interesting with other tree houses, this tree house is so relaxing. Being in the middle of a forest, and just above a slightly taller tree also with a ladder makes it more interesting and very uni.

Perhaps a tree house like this also exist in Indonesia, because if viewed from the picture, this tree house is not as difficult if you see the tree house above. Who does not want to stay in this tree house, would be very mengasikan with friends to relax here enjoying the beautiful sun in the daytime. But here will be shady because it is surrounded with pepohionan shade.

5. UFO Tree House Hotel in Sweden

5. UFO Tree House Hotel in Sweden

Overview of the tree house is shaped like a UFO. It is very unique is not it, this ufo-shaped tree house turned out to be a hotel. How come yes, from the shape maybe this tree house can only be occupied by few people. In addition to the more interesting that this tree house coincides also in the middle of the five trees that surround it.

With some straps as a buffer, it looks right underneath there is a ladder to climb. So want to live in a tree house, let alone a tree house shaped like this, very interesting.

Especially if there are several tree houses like this, two or three tree houses like this, it could be a hotel that is really a hotel.

6. Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland, England

6. Alnwick Tree House, Northumberland, England

This tree house is located in the Northumberland region of England. The house built in a garden is quite beautiful, because it includes built in the city area and located on the roadside.

The park is in a hedge with a hedge neatly arranged, inside there is a large tree tree which is where the tree house was built on it.

The view on the wall of the house is also built from the creation of wood, vintage patterned walls with brown color that makes this tree house unique impression.

Obviously anyone who passes through this place will surely not be left to look at this unique tree house.

The house is big enough, and there is some space in this tree house. This tree house is also built in storied.

Although the house is above the tree is fairly large, but it is safe. Because all the properties and raw materials of the trees have been made to adjust the woods in such a way. Mostly, this tree house is also built of wood.

7. Tree House in St. Petersburg Louis Park

7. Tree House in St. Petersburg Louis Park

Tree house located around Louis Park park. Built on a tree that grows alone. This tree is in a safe enough open. There is only one big tree in the garden yard.

Uniquely on this tree is built a very nice tree house, all storied and anyone who visit it can enjoy the view of lua from the top of this tree house.

In the middle of the house temoat layover and roofed, around the front porch of the tree house.

This house is still storied and with the same design, the upper part of the house looks smaller, in the middle of the place a layover surrounded yard.

8. Free spirit spheres, the rain forest of Vancouver Island, Canada

8. Free spirit spheres, the rain forest of Vancouver Island, Canada

This tree house is round and hang in the air, hihi there-there aja yak. Quite unique, this tree house is practically different from the others.

Generally a tree with a tree trunks riding stems, but this one hangs on a tree. The ropes are tied between several trees, to make them stronger.

Like the ball, because the house is in a round design with a large enough diameter, but can only accommodate a maximum of 3 people.

This round house is like a hot air balloon, but inside it does not contain air to bubble up its contents. That makes it look neat because there is a frame that forms this unique house.

One more to go round house above this tree, must first climb one of tree with rope ladder, then cross with suspension bridge. Can imagine the sensation.

9. House of Bird’s Nest

9. House of Bird’s Nest

If the tree house is shaped like a bird’s nest in Sweden. This house is like a birdhouse because its design looks random.

Wall walls are designed with wooden branches and quite a lot, and deliberately made to look messy to reach the bird cage.
In addition, this house is located in the middle of the forest of pine trees. This house is big enough standing on a few pine trees, yes as its foundation.

Characteristics of pine trees grow straight up, so it takes some pine trees to make this tree house unique. The ladder to climb it is made directly to the ground without going through one of the pine trees.

Although from the outside, the walls look messy. That is what makes the plus and uniqueness of this tree house. After all, in it must be designed in a neat, flat and made as comfortable as possible right.

10. Tree house on Henry Island

10. Tree house on Henry Island

This tree house is on Henry Island. This house seems common to its model and design. The horror of this house is built on the edge of the forest on an island.

Try to emulate if you are in this house alone, hiii .. certainly really excited right. This house is intentionally built certainly with a specific purpose.

This tree house is on a large tree, and a glimpse of the view on the tree next to it is an open view.

This house can be used as a place to stop, a place to rest a forest patrol and a place to secure yourself while camping or a person who served in this place.

11. Tom’s tree house in Wisconsin, USA

11. Tom’s tree house in Wisconsin, USA

Well, here it is one of the multi-story tree houses we get located in Wisconsin, America. This tree house is actually so very simple and does not make any difference than any other tree house.

However, the addition of a guest room to our guests at the bottom makes this house a tall tree house that is so luxurious and will tempt you to have it.

There is another place swing at the bottom for you to sleep after a variety of activities while waiting for friends, relatives, or relatives come to visit. It will not make you bored with having it. Try waking up like this around your house.

12. Ship Tree House

12. Ship Tree House

His house is like a boat, very unique. Next is a tree-shaped tree house. Very unique and interesting especially those of you who like to collect ships or work on the voyage. Surely at rest back home will feel how it feels still at work but with a more comfortable atmosphere.

This house is designed to deliberately attract your interest in a hobby or indeed work in shipping or shipping. With a fence made to resemble the ship Deck. Then the windows and front of the house are made like a steering wheel.

For the curved and thick glass is also specially made and obtained from the shipping area. And also the roof that resembles a boat unfold as in the story tangkuban boat. In addition to bringing the impression of luxury during the voyage, will also remember the old tale of the story tangkuban boat.

13. Tree House for Playing Children

13. Tree House for Playing Children

This tree house is perfect for children’s play. The one house was built with a large tree-lined base with a small tiered staircase and a simple, duck-like design like a dwarf house that had appeared in several children’s stories. It is suitable if used as a playground for children.

Wooden walls painted with cream color, plus the roof in the paint with a green color adjust the foliage that protect it. The roof is also designed as attractive as possible, like a dwarf hat.

For security, deliberately also made a fence with some branches twigs that make the child hindered to fall. Interesting enough for the kids, but adults do not play a lot. Because it is only designed for children.

14. Tree House in Tokyo, Japan

14. Tree House in Tokyo, Japan

The tree house surrounded by yellow leaves is located in the area of Tokyo, Japan. The house is very small and simple. But so comfortable to live even if only enough for one or two people only.

Especially if spring arrives with flowers that begin to expand. There will be a view from above that is obtained from inside this house that you will not encounter than the landscape of another house.

The construction of this tree house is also quite simple. Only a hard wood with a ladder hanging down. Then the roof is also of plywood material, because the trees are already thick enough to cover the upper side of this house. Plus this house is also given a simple wood-based fences, will make the inhabitants are above the house level charming. Interesting right?

15. Tree House in Ecuador

15. Tree House in Ecuador

The Tree House in Ecuador is really a genuine tree house. The house is built on a tree but is newly built after the tree is large and strong enough to sustain materials for the construction of this tree house like wood and some furniture inside.

This house can accommodate at least 10 to 15 people in it. And with its high position and on the edge of the hill, will make us feel at home and comfortable because coupled with beautiful scenery around it.

But for the purposes of such a bowel movement, you should go down first from this tree house before finally going to the nearest toilet built near the tree house. Are you interested in making it too?

16. Crossville Tree House

16. Crossville Tree House

A glimpse of this tree is not an ordinary tree house. But it is more suitable like a tree-shaped hotel because it’s so big.

Having a tree house is probably the dream of almost all children. When mature, it is not impossible that dream is realized. The result is the largest tree house in the world.
This tree house was named the largest tree house in the world at Guinness Book of World Records. Burgess began to build it in 1993 and its construction has not been completed until now.

Burgess tree house consists of 10 floors. Each floor has a height of about 3.4 meters. You can imagine how big this tree house is.

Burgess can build a 10-story tree house on a large, sturdy oak tree. Burgess built this house after an inspiration that he believed was a whisper of God. As many as 400 to 500 people visit this tree house.

Visitors are not charged anything to visit this tree house. The first time visiting here, visitors will see the treehouse tower as high as 30 meters.

This tower attracts visitors. They will rise to the top, then chuckle in awe at the view of the flower garden and the forest is amazingly beautiful.

Burgess presents his homemade tree house as God’s house. So he allows anyone to come to the house. There is only 1 ban in this house, ie no smoking.

Unfortunately, this tree house was temporarily closed by the Tennessee Fire Department. They say this house has an appeal to tourists, so it must be registered in the country building code.

This is related to the safety aspects of buildings that are the responsibility of the local fire department. Tourists who are interested to get there, patiently yes until the business Burgess and the fire department has been completed.

17. Tree House Upper Pond in Issaquah, Washington

17. Tree House Upper Pond in Issaquah, Washington

This tree house is located in the area of Washington, USA. This tree house is located not far from the ground level, so if for example it is not too sick baseball yes.

To climb there is a vertical ladder that is on the balcony porch. The front there is a terrace and also a balcony, a cool place to see the beautiful scenery.

This house has a very large and sturdy wooden supports, so no need to worry that this house will collapse and be surrounded by large trees that are also sturdy.

18. Tetsu tree house in Hokuto City, Japan

18. Tetsu tree house in Hokuto City, Japan

Japan is famous for its cherry trees, but what would happen if among the beautiful sakura trees tucked into a tree house? A tree house surrounded by Sakura flowers. It’s in Hokuto, Japan.

Of course you will want to have it is not it? let alone this tree house is located among the trees that have this pink daung.

Yes it is in the city of Hokuto, Japan, a tree house that takes the theme of these former Japanese houses is very beautiful. In addition to being viewed from below, this tree house also seems very comfortable if it is in it.

How not to see around the tree house there is a colored cherry tree of course it will all make us comfortable to be in it.

19. Tree House in England

19. Tree House in England

The tree house is like an ancient palace tower. The walls are made of very sturdy wood. To climb it can be through the ladder and bridge spider web. The net bridge also serves as a connecting access between houses with each other.

20. Tree House in England

20. Tree House in England

This tree house is suitable for calming the soul and mind. If a tree house in England this one has a romantic impression. Surrounding the house is the exterior of the twilight lights.

To get into the house can not go straight through the stairs, so need to go through the stairs, then through the suspension bridge, then go into the tree house.

This house is perfect for you who want to enjoy the honeymoon. Romantic atmosphere is very thick on this tree house. The house is not so wide, and not too far from the ground.

21. The Seram Tree House

21. The Seram Tree House

The shape of this tree house is quite scary, dare to live in it? .

Such is the picture of the most beautiful tree houses in the world. May you visit one of those beautiful tree houses or maybe you make your own tree house yourself. May be useful.

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