Dock Stock and Two Smoking Gadgets!

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So. Samsung’s pretty innovative, but doesn’t get enough credit for it. Samsung managed to crack facial recognition first, it even managed to pull off mass-produced edge-to-edge displays long before the Essential phone or the iPhone X… So, looking at the Dex Book concept, I wouldn’t be surprised seeing the words Samsung written on it.

The Dex Book attempts to do the phone-docking-into-laptop trick. The laptop itself is devoid of a number pad to make space for the phone, and even does away with a track pad at the bottom. The phone docks into the empty space where the number pad would be and the two gadgets immediately pair up. The phone then becomes a track-pad and secondary screen for the laptop, while the laptop itself becomes an extension of the phone, allowing you to use your smartphone as a full fledged workstation!

Designers: Kwanjun Ryu & Jaejin Bong

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