Don’t Frankenstein Your Technology – Friday Distraction

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I know that Halloween was a few weeks ago, but Frankenstein has become more than a holiday icon. The Urban Dictionary says that a “Frankenstein” product is any product “made out of two or more components which, while apart, could have been disposed of or recycled, but now are a burden to the environment, so they can’t be separated.”

Scary indeed!

As our friends from Kronos humorously remind us in this Time Well Spent, technology can quickly become a monster if we don’t follow good selection and implementation procedures.

I know when it’s time to upgrade technology, the last thing a company wants to do is discard other systems, especially if they’re working. And there are some really fantastic technology solutions available. That being said, we have to at least stop and ask a few questions about the decisions we’re making:

  • Is the new technology we’re considering compatible with our existing systems?
  • How will the new technology impact our existing systems – both now and in the future?
  • If we decide to change or eliminate an existing system, will that impact this new technology?

It’s possible that the answer to all of these questions is “no worries, the technologies aren’t going to be in conflict.” You’ve asked the questions and can proceed accordingly. If you ask the questions and find out otherwise, then you can evaluate your options. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to change the decision, but you know the risks and rewards. There’s nothing worse than surprises where this is concerned.

Asking a few extra questions up front can save you from a daily nightmare.

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