Dress your entry with these 5 items

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The entry to our home has the most important job of all. It is the gatekeeper of our home. Protecting us from unwanted visitors, and greeting our loved ones with open arms. The entry oversees a lot of traffic daily with kids going in and out, visitors, mail, groceries and the ins and outs of regular life.

So, start with a blank canvas. Pull everything out, wash the walls, clean the floor and take stock of what you have and what you might need.

Hall table

You’re going to need a something to put your pretties on. Do you need a lamp? Maybe some drawers, or a lower shelf to store baskets. Even consider a bench seat. Something recycled would be a good statement piece.


A large mirror over your table will reflect light and make the space feel bigger. Think about placement – will it be centred over the table or a little to side? Round or square? Make sure it’s not facing the front door though. Feng shui states energy will bounce off it.


Is there a corner in your entry where you could hang a large beaded pendant? Think outside the box, a pendant doesn’t always have to hang in the centre of the ceiling. Add something with texture for interest.

A plant

Of course I am going to say you need a plant!  A Jade is a good option to have by your front door as Feng Shui says a Jade plant will allow the flow of money into your home. Greenery also adds life. If a real plant isn’t ideal, you can get some amazingly life like faux flowers and plants. You can either place the plant on the hall table, or in an interesting pot on the ground.

A rug

A beautiful jute rug or mat on the floor will finish the space beautifully. Round or long? See if you can bring a few home from the shop to try and see what works best.

Happy styling! ♥ KC.

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