Drill Bit Storage Case

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Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of drill bits. But they all come in their own plastic containers and seem to always have to search for the drill bit I need.  I make a little travel-sized bit case a couple years ago, but decided it was finally time to deal with the bulk of my drill bits and make a full-sized drill bit storage case.

Additionally, I made a dedicated under-cabinet space to store the case.

The case is a simple box. I cut a rabbet on both long edges of each side. These will hold the top and bottom of the box.

I used my miter sled to cut 45 degree miters on the end of each board and glued them all together. I clamped them using my strap clamp.

While that was still drying, I cut two plywood panels and glued them into the rabbets.

Once everything was dry, I separated the lid from the container section of the box using my tablesaw. It’s not a tricky procedure, but it helps to add some shims (cardboard) between the cut edges before making the next cut. For the fourth cut, the one that releases to two halves, I inserted the cardboard shims and taped the box together to help control the two halves after passing through the saw blade.

Making the drill bit compartment dividers

To cut the thin strips for the divider walls, I cut a board on it’s edge, but only about 3/4 of the way through. This lets me retain more control over cutting the strips. After making two passes, I turned the board on its face and ripped it straight through, releasing three long strips.

After cutting the strips down to fit inside the box, I cut out finger notches in some of the boards. These will make it easier to reach into the little compartments and retrieve drill bits.

I glued all the dividers into place.

To make the tiniest drill bits easier to access, I dropped blocks into their compartments. The platforms make the depth of the compartments much shallower.

I added hinges and glued in magnets to act as a latch.

Finally, I glued and screwed some scrap plywood pieces together to make the under-cabinet storage area.


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