Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Lane Johnson ranked too low on NFL Network’s top 100

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We, respectfully, ask for a retraction by the NFL Network on behalf of the Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and Lane Johnson.

As much as we all love the NFL Network, they got this one wrong. They debuted the first installment of The Top 100 Players of 2018, and they’ve already screwed up the rankings. Lane Johnson and Malcolm Jenkins, two of the most important members of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ Super Bowl-winning roster, are ranked much too low.

Jenkins drops six spots from last season and enters the list at number 96. Johnson is ranked one spot ahead of him at 95. On the basis of that alone, we, at ITI, demand a recount.

The challenge flag is out.

Those of you who ride with us at ITI daily will have some issues with what we just said for one reason. You’re all aware of the fact that one of the mantras we live by is you’re opinion is only as valuable as your knowledge of a particular subject.

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It’s hard to dispute a player ranking that’s been decided on by the players themselves, especially when they play for and against one another. Before we get into that, let’s examine the statement.

Here’s the argument for Jenkins being at 96:

Video courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube page

We follow that with a quick synopsis of why Lane Johnson is ranked at 95:

Video courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube page

Here’s a quick argument for Johnson.

First and foremost we’re talking two of the most important cogs on the Eagles roster and, definitely, two of the biggest reasons that Philly hoisted the Lombardi Trophy at season’s end.

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In the case of Johnson, Philly’s success rate with and without him has long been documented. When he’s there, they win. When he isn’t, they don’t. Period.

A season ago, Johnson was absent for ten games thanks to a PED suspension. They went 2-8 over that span. When he’s in the lineup, they’ve won three times as many games as they’ve lost, and last season, they were able to line him up, week after week, against the likes of the Washington RedskinsRyan Kerrigan and the Denver BroncosVon Miller, with no help, and Johnson won time after time.

We’ve seen Kerrigan and Miller wreck games by themselves. Against Johnson, they were, basically, non factors.

Here’s the argument for Jenkins.

Jenkins is, without question, the best safety and one of the best leaders the Eagles have had since Brian Dawkins left. He’s a leader both on and off of the field. He’s one of the guys that sets the tone in game and in the locker room, but it’s what he does in between plays and on the sidelines that separates him from everyone else.

We’ve brought evidence:

Video courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube page

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’ve seen from Jenkins happens game after game. There aren’t 94 other players in the NFL that can combine all of these traits that Jenkins possesses and blend them so effortlessly.

Sure, the list is voted on by the players so they’d know better than you or I, but come on. We demand a recount. Our challenge flag is out.


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