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a little bit more about art today! like a lot of us, when it comes to decorating with art, i get a little stuck — at least at first. moving to my new place in laguna i’m having internal struggles about which art to hang and where, and if perhaps i need new art (which i think i do). i also like a lot of different kinds of art, so i get inspired when i see eclectic home galleries put together in what looks quite effortless. i envy that and strive to emulate the look. i’m still a work in progress and will probably stick to a more minimalist look, but here’s what’s inspiring me right now — from simple to wildly eccentric, i kinda love it all.

• photography credits in order of appearance: julianne moore’s home via architectural digest; sylvie adigard’s home via the socialite family; marcus teo’s home via the maryn; herz and blut; vtwonen; tenniswood; wonen & co; domcvetnik; m.k. sadler; julia leach’s home via aficionada; @carolinewallsart; interior deluxe; the devil wears zara; marcus teo’s home via the maryn; @megan_morton; The Immoralist by André Gide via buzzfeed; @colinking; @galerie_half; @finelittledaystore; @colinking; @anneclaire.rohe; @minford_journal; vtwonen; meet me behind the pines.

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