Ethnic Chic-How to Get It

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What is Ethnic Chic? Layered and personal, it honors the customs, cultures, and resources of countries around the planet and blends them into “well-traveled” whole. Lighting, furniture, textiles, flooring, textures, and accessories are married with past cultures,  modern taste, and contemporary living.  It is naturally connected to native raw and reclaimed materials and is a relaxed eclectic look that can be dovetailed with many styles and can be added to over time. Let’s take a look at Ethnic Chic-How to Get It.

Updating my Spanish Colonial has meant adding a few more cross-cultural influences while honoring its original style. There is something about the simple handcrafted, organic, vibe that anything ethnic adds that really appeals to me.   I personally think it is here to stay for awhile, as many of us wish to have more ethical and sustainable products in our lives and to reflect that in our own decor.
This bedroom by Summer Thornton has subtle ethnic influences without shouting.
In our last Project Design here we talked about doing something dramatic or different in your entry.  In the entry by Antonio Martins I love the drama created by the mix of the oversized art, the workbench, the suzani pillows and that fabulous lamp.

This power of this dining space is the combination of textures and surfaces.
In this New York Townhouse, I love the juxtaposition of the elegant settee and the gilt mirror with the branches and the unexpected vintage ikat pillow.
I love how this room combines ethnic textiles with more traditional elements like the bird prints and the lantern. Love the combination of the blue and white Chinese pottery, orange pillows, Audubon bird prints, and the white linen sofa…timeless
This room is “preaching to my choir”.  I love the eclectic mix of the vintage suitcases, horn lamps, striped pillows, and the textural elements.
This is such a clever mix …the black and white photographs, the mid-century modern chair, and the Indian chest. I love vignettes like this that look haphazard but are actually very well thought out.
This space by Kristin Buckingham has subtle ethnic influences that marry the different styles.
The iconic Mary Emmerling is a master at combining disparate elements into a cohesive mix.


I always love a black and white room.  This room has so many elements to love.


Here’s how I have incorporated ethnic elements into my own home decor. In one of my guest rooms, I combined an old American sign with American Indian baskets, an antique carving, and two American document boxes.  These are all items that I have had for over 20 years.

In my recent entry update, I mixed an Eastern European pot (found at a flea market) with antlers, and I filled an old dough bowl (easily found at flea markets and antique shops) with moss balls and dried saguaro cactus.

Beautiful painting of African Woman by my friend Pat Huber over old terra cotta pot from Poland with mossy branches. Reproduction French Candlesticks, vintage look dog bank on an American Antique Blanket Chest.

Old Romanian Shutters over recently recovered vintage ottomans.

Do you like a little “ethnic chic” in your own home? What do you think? Is it a trend that will continue or a passing fancy? If you love it here’s how to incorporate a little into your own home. If you would like more ideas on how to add a little “ethnic chic” to your own home check out my Pinterest Board ethnic-inspired here.

Thank you for reading Ethnic Chic How to Get It. I am so happy you are here!




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