Fabulous Bedroom Ideas for Girls

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Bedroom inspiration for teenage girls. Get inspired and find new ideas for tribal, modern and chic room styles. Great home decor bedroom makeovers!

Fabulous Bedroom Ideas for Girls

As my daughter gets older, I get asked more often about changing her bedroom style. My minor in college was interior design and when there is a chance to redecorate something, I’m always up for that challenge!

I love home design and one rule I seem to always stick by is to keep it simple and change things up with accents and added color.

As I’ve been searching for new bedroom ideas for my daughter, I came across three styles that seem to be very popular now. There is so much you could do with these styles of bedrooms!

I hope you enjoy today’s fabulous bedroom ideas for girls. 

Relaxed Tribal

Tribal prints and macrame are everywhere! I love this bedroom inspiration in black and white and found similar Black and White Tribal Bedding and White Faux Fur Throw Blanket to help you achieve this look.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without Macrame Plant Hangers! Who remembers these? I actually found a Macrame Plant Hanging kit from the 70’s in my mom’s house not too long ago. I’m happy they are back in style!

A black platform bed would be fantastic for a relaxed tribal bedroom!


Modern Chic

This fabulous Pale Pink and Gold Girls Bedroom is a girl’s dream! My daughter said this was her favorite look. I’m glad because I love it too!

I found a beautiful Tufted Wingback Nail Bed that looks very similar if you want to achieve this bedroom style. I want this for my room now!

You couldn’t get this inspiring look without a pretty chandelier. I found this affordable chandelier that you might like. This fabulous light fixture would be great in a bathroom as well as bedroom!


Minimal Modern

I was inspired by this simple modern bedroom. I love the dark wall and textures. To achieve this style, a modern bed in white would look great with a faux fur throw blanket.

I also found more items you might like:



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