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Hey everyone!!

Last week sort of got away from me and I wasn’t able to get a favorite things post up, oops!

I am back this week and hopefully you will be inspired by the images that I found!


I have some exciting news!!

Next week I will be away for a couple of days,


I will be going to my very first blogger conference, eeekkkk!!

I will heading up to SLC, Utah to attend the BYB conference and I have no idea what to expect.

Oh,  other than I will be taking the baby with me.  What am I saying, baby, she will be 2 in like three months.  I guess as a mom the kids are always babies!

Anyway, since I will be taking the baby I know that I won’t be getting much sleep.  She is an amazing sleeper at home.  She still sleeps well over 12 hours each night, plus a 2 hour nap during the day (awesome, huh!)

When we are not at home though, she turns into a night time monster.  She cries hysterically and cannot be soothed…. Oh how I wish I could pack up her crib and take it with me 😉

I do however have the most amazing mom!! She has accepted the challenge of  joining me at the conference so that she can take care of the baby while I am away at class.

Aside from the idea of not getting sleep for three nights I am extremely excited to meet new bloggers and hopefully make some face to face friends.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to follow along!!

Hope you enjoy these favorite things!!

Favorite closet-

I love the chandelier, pretty but not too big!  Look at all that shoe storage.  I would love to have all of those shoes.  Of course I would need a closet this size to go along with it.  Love all of the other drawers and cupboards, great storage!!

(source)Favorite Living Room-

This room is amazing! Check out those tall ceilings and I love the archways!   The neutral colors are also really pretty!

(source)Favorite Mirror-

I love this unique mirror! It would be perfect in my small entry by the front door.  I wonder if I could DIY one?!


Favorite Entry-

I love how clean and airy this room is.  The white walls and floor are fabulous with the added pop of color from the blue chair.


Favorite Blue Couch-

In case you haven’t noticed yet my favorite color is blue!! I love these couches.  Those round lights are pretty awesome too!

(source)Favorite Rustic Bathroom-

How cool would this bathroom be!? I wonder how how difficult it would be to clean the old barn wood?


Favorite Backyard-

We are in the process of finally finishing our backyard.  It has only been a year!  I really want it have a lot of trees and vegetation, similar to how this backyard is.


Favorite Bathtub-

When I was a kid we lived in a house that had a purple bathroom.  The bathroom even had a giant purple claw foot tub! Ever since that house I have always loved these tubs.  One day maybe I will have a big bathroom to put a claw foot tub in!













Favorite Kitchen Stools-

These stool are actually made out of vintage truck springs.  I love the rustic feel of this kitchen.  So bright and fun!!


Favorite Porch-
Love the floor in the porch and those light fixtures.  I would love to sit out here on an summer afternoon sipping lemonade while watching the kid play!


(source)Thank you so much for stopping by today!!!

To see some my projects check out my gallery wall here, or click the image below!!


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