Festive Sweets for Diwali

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Diwali is few days away, what are the sweets and savoury snacks that you are making? If you are a last minute planner like me, here is an exhaustive list of sweets from the blog. Some are ideal for lunch menu while a few like ladoo and halwa can be stored for a couple of days.

Diwali is the time when you gift sweets to friends and relatives. Here are some cookies, chikki and muesli bar for children.

For all the recipes, click on the title or the image. Wishing all a very happy Diwali. Stay safe, stay happy.

Sukhdi / Gud Papdi 

Sukhdi is classic sweet from Gujarati cuisine.

Badam Puri

Badam Puri is traditional festive sweet from Karnataka.

Badam Puri


                                       Papaya Halwa

papaya halwa

                                   Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo is apt for Diwali.

besan ladoo

Chaler Payesh 

Rice Kheer is the traditional kheer made in all communities.Here is the Bengali version.

chaler payesh

 Ragi Halbai

Millets are used, one with finger millets.

Ragi Halbai / Fingermillet fudge

Coconut Ladoo

Love this easy recipe to do always


coconut ladoo /nariyal ladoo

Dates Burfi

Dates Burfi is all time favourite.

Dates Burfi


Karchikayi  used to be a Diwali snack when we were kids.


                                     Shenga Holige

It is tasty and stays good for a couple of days.

shenga holige


A sweet for lunch



Khaja is crispy and flaky, give a try to it. Ideal to serve for lunch.

Khaja, Tapeshwaram Khaja

                                            Kul Kul

Snacks to store in the jar.

kul kul

                                      Carrot Halwa 

A make ahead sweet

Carrot Halwa

Dum Root Halwa 

Another classic sweet from South India.

dum root halwa

                                           ABC Halwa

This is flavoursome one from Gujarati cuisine,

ABC Halwa

                                  Beetroot Halwa

When kids don’t eat beetroot, make this one.

beetroot halwa

                                     Seven Cup Sweet

This is ideal to prepare and serve.

seven cup burfi

                                           Coconut Burfi

One of the favourite sweets since childhood days.

coconut burfi

                                           Ellu Holige

Another kind of holige, it is made with sesame.

ellu holige

Rawa Kesari with jaggery

Rawa kesari with jaggery tastes good. I usually make this one at home.

rawa kesari with jaggery


                                Custard Apple Kheer

It is delicious, give a try to it sometime.

Custard Apple Kheer


                                          Komala Payasam 

This is sweet from Oriya cuisine.

komala payasa, orange milk pudding

                                    Sweet Mango Rice

When you have mangoes, make this dish for your family.

sweet mango rice / amba bhaat

                                     Mango Kesari 

Another dessert with mango

mango sheera

                                   Hayagreeva Maddi 

A traditional sweet which is delicious and healthy.

hayagreeva maddi

                                     Appi Payasa 

Crisp, fried puris are boiled in thickened milk and garnished with nuts. Another classic sweet from South India.

appi payasa


Vermicelli Kheer needs no introduction.


 Moong dal payasam

Tasty payasam ideal for summer as it keeps the body cool.

moongdal payasa

                                          Kiwi Kesari 

Another kind of kesari

Kiwi Kesari


A sweet to be cherished


Gift Ideas for Diwali

Usually gifts are given during Diwali to friends and relatives. Here are a few ideas to try.

  Floral  Cookies

Floral cookies

 Cornflakes Cookies

cornflakes cookies


Mexican wedding cookies /polvorones

Butter Cookies 

butter cookies

Ghee Cookies

Ghee cookies

 Muesli Bar

Muesli bar

 Til Chikki 

sesame chikki

  Mocha Coffee Cookies 

mocha coffee cookies

Puffed Rice Balls 

puffed rice balls

I hope you liked this collection, pin it for later.

40 Festive Sweets

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