Gerês House in Portugal

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A hillside surrounded by beautiful nature, in Portugal’s only national park – that sounds like the perfect setting to build a dream home, doesn’t it?   The folks who raised the Gerês House think so, and judging by the look of their finished work, we have to admit they nailed it.

Located on a steep slope in the Caniçada Valley, the horizontally-formed building offers full views over the lot and over a small stream, which ends up in a decked pool at the lower level. The house combines a sturdy concrete base with an elevated wooden volume, employing the same materials inside, where large, functional & multiuse areas allow for both pleasure and work-related activities.

The entrance is at the upper level, which also holds the bedrooms, while on the first floor you’ll find the kitchen and services, as well as a spacious living room that extends to the outside through a large terrace.  And, since the Mediterranean climate allows for it, the dwelling also incorporates an outdoor (but sheltered) jacuzzi.  via

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