Girls Room Makeover

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I’m excited to share with you a recent room refresh that we did in my associate pastor’s daughters’ room. They asked me to come over and take a look at their daughters’ room and give them ideas for a room refresh. So, I went over, and ended up volunteering myself to take on the project. It’s weird how I do these things. But seriously, it was a really fun project and we were excited that we could help them out. They wanted it to be done very budget friendly, therefore a lot of diy projects were done in the room. We were also able to work with a few companies to help them out with the room refresh, which we are all very thankful for. Here are some of the “before” shots.

We knew it was going to be a major undertaking and so our kids helped out as well. Sometimes we drug them along and other days they really enjoyed it. I think it’s important to show them how we can work together to get something done, the importance of hard work, and the meaning of giving and putting others before ourselves.

Here are some after pictures of the room and explanations along the way of how we completed DIY projects for the space…

We started by painting three of the walls in the bedroom with Benjamin Moore “White Dove,” color-matched to Behr paint, as it is more budget friendly. We picked up some paint rollers and brushes, and got to work on the painting. The walls were each coated and trimmed with two coats of paint and we left the third wall as it was, other than trimming the part bordering the ceiling, as we planned to put wood on that wall.

The next day, Trav and Hallie went over to work on the wood wall. We had some Timber Chic wood left over from the wall in our bedroom, and decided to use it to cover one of the walls in the girls’ room; the type we used was the Coastal White in 5-inch plank width. The process was pretty easy since the wood is peel-and-stick, but got a little more difficult when they reached the slant in the wall, at which point the boards had to be cut to fit the angle. However, my husband was able to use his chop saw to cut the Timber Chic boards and make it work, and it looks amazing! The wall adds such a statement to the room, and we are so happy with how it turned out!

The next thing we did was hang the beds. (I had painted them a couple days prior in “Halation” Eggshell finish Behr paint using my paint sprayer). Our friends wanted repurpose the bunk beds that the girls had previously, while still giving the room a fresh look and putting a twist on the idea of lofted beds. In order to re-use the existing bunk beds, Trav decided to cut off their feet and then support them with a 2″x4″ cross beam at the head and foot of each bed frame. Once those beams were attached, we hung the beds….first, the higher bed. Trav drilling two eye screws into the studs in the ceiling, and fed 1” thick braided natural fiber rope through them. To attach the ropes to the bed, we had to drill 2″ x 4” boards into the bottom of the bed, with a hole on the end that the rope would go through. The 2×4′ boards were cut about 4″ longer than the end of the bed so that there would be room for the hole on each end, where the rope would be tied. Trav used a one inch hole saw to cut a hole through the 2″ x 4″. When we hung the bed, put the ropes through the holes on the end of the 2″ x 4″s, and tied a knot below the hole. To support the other side of the bed that was touching the wall, Trav drilled 5 5/8″ GRK multipurpose screws through the frame of the bed into the studs in the wall. Then, to hang the second bed below, Trav drilled one 2 x 4″ board into the bottom of the bed. We could no longer use two ropes, as the higher bed was in the way of a second rope). He drilled another eye screw into a stud in the ceiling and knotten the rope through the support beam, again drilling 5 5/8″ GRK multipurpose screws through the bed frames into the studs on both the wall side and the footboard of the bed.

I love how these beds look in the room! Next thing I know, my kids will be asking for loft beds…

Once the walls were done and the beds were hung, we just had some furniture to paint and decor and finishing touches left that we would add!

I partnered with Ruggable for this room refresh and they provided a beautiful washable rug! It is called the Kavi Diamond Silver Rug and it is the perfect fit for the room! It has hints of grey, white and beige, which were the colors the girls’ loved and that we were looking to really bring out in the room refresh. The rug is made of two parts: 1) a top decorative layer and 2) a bottom, non-slip velcro-like layer that keeps the rug in place. This rug is so convenient to have in this little girls’ room because if it gets messy, our friends can just remove the top layer (decorative part of the rug) and throw it in the washer to clean it! The cover layer is also stain-resistant and waterproof, so no more ruined rugs from a spill or two! Their rugs are all made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials as well, so the rugs do not pose as a problem for kids to be around it or relaxing on it. Ruggable is also offering all of you the code: “FUNNATALIE15” for 15% off of your own rug. I love it when companies provide a discount! Thank you, Ruggable for the amazing Kavi DIamond Silver Rug! We decided to try it out in the corner of the room too. I think it might be staying here.

The girls had said that they liked blue, yellow and gray, so we tried to look for accents for the room in those colors. We were able to work with Beddy’s beds, as a sponsor for new bedding for both of the beds. I love how easy it is to make the bed with this bedding. To make the bed, the girls will just need to zip up the side of their bedding and their beds will be made! Such practical, amazing bedding!…and so pretty! Beddy’s has so many different styles and colors! And super comfy!…as you can see, Brylie was a little tired after all of her hard work on this room refresh!

One of the requests our friends made, was to improve and increase the storage in their girls’ room. I decided (much to Trav’s chagrin), that “we” were going to install stacked dressers! I scored on two thrifted dressers at two separate locations over our anniversary weekend! I decided to paint both dressers a toned-down blue since the girls love blue. The paint we used was Behr Alkyd Satin Enamel in the shade “Dark Storm Cloud”. We brushed two coats on each of them. With both thrifted dressers totaling under $35-one was $10 and the other was $23-I had nothing to lose, and the “stacked dresser experiment” was underway! Because we were working in a smaller space, the stacked dressers in the room were going to create more storage space, while taking minimal floor space! A win for me and a win for our friends! Trav connected the dressers on the back side with flat L brackets and then used a different L bracket to attach to the top of the dresser and into the studs in the wall behind, as a safeguard from tipping. We finished the dressers off in style, with these glass knobs, which are my favorites!

One of the girls had asked to have a desk, and I thought we could give her the desk I refinished from the thrift store. (Here is the post about it if you’d like to see the before and after!). This is how I refinished the desk…I sanded it down with my hand sander using 60-grit sandpaper to get all of the stain off. Once the stain was gone, I smoothed it out with 100-grit sandpaper, again using my hand sander. I then wiped it off with a lint-free cloth, and used a lint-free cloth to apply liming wax. I chose not to seal this piece due to it not being a high-traffic area. If I would have sealed it, I would have used this wax.

For the mood board, we found a huge ornate frame at a thrift store and painted it white, the same color as the walls of the bedroom (Benjamin Moore “White Dove” color-matched to Behr paint). I bought some light blue fabric at Walmart and got a cork board on a local yard sale site to fit the frame size. I then wrapped the cork board in the fabric and stapled it to the back side of the cork board with a handheld staple gun. To finish it off, I stapled the whole cork board into the back of the frame. We then hung the frame in the play area under the bed for them to have a place to pin things that they love. My daughter also has one in her room and loves it too; it’s such a great way to get creative!

Next, we picked up “Ritva” curtains from Ikea and used our DIY curtain rods in the room to keep the curtains budget-friendly! They are always so easy to make and can be customized to the size of any window. I have them in almost every room in my own home.

Another one of the finishing touches I added were the corbels that I turned into bedside shelves. I picked them up at the thrift store, painted them with the same paint we used on the walls, and Trav hung them. They make for such cute little shelves! I mean, if you can’t do hanging nightstands, you have to have something cute, right?

Our “Do not worry” verse sign from Hampton Repurposed Wood is also a great fit for the room! My friend, Sandy, made it for me for this room refresh. It’s the same one that Brylie has in her room, only smaller. Sandy is so talented and makes all of her signs from reclaimed wood! I love the character of each one that she makes!

This has been such a fun project and we are so excited about how the room turned out! Thank you all for following along with this room refresh and we hope that it gives you some ideas for you own spaces!!

And, Brylie would like everyone to know that this is how she felt the first time when she got into the top bunk, but today she said…and I quote…”I think I’m just going to live in here, mom”. Lol…after all of the hard work, it’s good to hear! I can’t wait to hear and see what they think when they first see it!


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