Go Bold or Go Home! Show Your True Colors.

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33 Colorful Front Doors

I am drawn to homes that have unique front door colors. I crave something beyond the normal white, black or burgundy. Give me a unique color that tells me something about its occupants! I love being able to say, we’re the only house on the street with the purple doors. In my book, you need to Go Bold or Go Home! Get out that paintbrush and show your true colors. Here are 33 Bright & Bold Colorful Front Doors:

Our front door. Purple Honor 8906N by Duron

Cameron Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Raleigh. It is tucked between Oberlin & Hillsborough Street (two very busy roads). The houses are old and the trees are ancient. But, there seems to be an ongoing competition for the boldest and brightest front doors. I spent an hour just walking around the neighborhood snapping pictures of these louder than words portals.

I used a Sherwin Williams color deck to choose an approximate match for each door. If you are considering painting your door with any of these colors, be sure to paint a large sample on poster board and hold it up to your door first. Keep in mind, some of the colors may need two coats before you see the true color.

Colorful front doors

Chartreuse SW0073


Blue Peacock SW0064


Halfway between Danube SW6803 and Dignity SW6804


Slick Blue SW6949


Open Seas SW6500


Crabby Apple SW7592


Atmospheric SW6505


Aqua Tint SW6939


Indulgent SW6969


Bee SW6683


Swimming SW6764


Fabulous Grape SW6293


Cloudless SW6786


Lobelia SW6809


Honorable Blue SW6811


Copper Pot SW7709


Sapphire SW6963


Wild Currant SW7583


Ebbtide SW6493


Lantern Yellow SW6687


Nautilus SW6780


Lei Flower SW6613

And just in case you have a lust for the international palette, these are a few doors I spotted in the UK:

Frank Blue SW6987 – Obviously this door has a weathered look though.


Fine Wine SW6307


Blue Chip SW6959


Nifty Turquoise SW6941


Blue Blood SW6965


Heart Throb SW6866

Talk about WOW factor! I found this green door online HERE.

Outrageous Green SW6922

And if that isn’t enough to catch your attention, look what Allison Cosmos did to this door:

This is my all time favorite front door photo from The Impatient Gardener. Could you tell that I’m drawn to blues?

Blue Chip SW6959

Back at the Pretty Handy Girl abode, my home’s doors were purple for over 7 years. I decided to add some vibrancy and paint the front doors an amazing green (Benjamin Moore Perennial Green). The front doors are beautiful now, but this project turned out to be the DIY project from HELL! If you ever need to strip paint off your front door, I have some tips and a tutorial for you.

Friends don’t let friends have boring front doors. Be sure to pin this graphic to share these colorful inspiring doors with your friends!

I hope you have been inspired! Now Go Bold or Go Home!

Speaking of painting, I have painted almost every room in our home now. Make that almost every room in two homes! You could say that over the years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. If you’re planning to paint, I recommend these favorite painting tools that I pull out for every painting job.

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