Golden Roof Pavilion Houses Over 500 Species of Butterflies

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Located on Noor Island in the Arab Emirate Sharjah is the Butterfly Pavilion, an ornamental structure that houses more than 500 butterfly species in its unique biosphere park. German studio 3deluxe designed the architectural marvel, which uses a freeform 3D frame to cover the glass cube that sits below.

The most striking part of the Butterfly Pavilion is its flowing golden roof. Intricately crafted, this beautiful element is made up of 4,000 aluminum leaves in varying sizes, but its purpose goes beyond aesthetics–the covering helps to regulate climate by providing shade, in addition to funneling hot air over the roof and facade. As the sunlight shines through the metal canopy, it takes on the organic shape of its outer shell and creates a feeling that you’re standing beneath tree tops.

The 230-square-meter (2,475-square-foot) pavilion interior features an artificial rainforest ecosystem. In addition to the myriad of exotic butterflies, it also includes patches of tropical plants and a decorative 3D-modeled surface along the walls and floor.

The Butterfly Pavilion is the first in a series of attractions that will be added to the island in the coming weeks and months.

3deluxe: Website

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