Gorgeous Set Styling by Niyoti Upadhye

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White, Bright, Happy, Sunny, Living Room

I have often admired home decor shots in ads and films. While some of these locales are actual homes, most times they are just production sets. A production set according to Wikipedia, is ” a place with an artificial nature that creates the illusion of a real or imagined place”. They look real, alright!

Remember this one? It’s the set for the Kellogg’s ad
And, have you wondered who the brains are behind those gorgeous sets? They are people like Niyoti Upadhye, and Niyoti will tell you all about her envious profession today!
A dress-up for the Maggi ad film shoot
Sharon has selected pictures (from among the many I showed her on my Pinterest page), that have Indian elements in them. These are all sets for several different production houses, primarily television commercial production houses.
The production set for the Dell Computers ad
Niyoti Upadhye

My work here is to dress up the empty space and make it look like what it does (living room/ dining room etc). The director usually gives me a brief – whether the space has to look traditional, modern, middle class, affluent etc, depending on the story of the film. After that I go out to furniture and decor shops and some film prop shops where I source all these pieces on rent. A lot of furniture and other small items are rented out just for the shoot and returned to the vendors.

Sometimes I create specific pieces along with my team, to fit the theme/look of the film.

I started off 7 years ago as an assistant director, got myself introduced to all aspects of film making, and then eventually found that one thing I am totally in love with…which is creating spaces.
Set for the Acquaguard ad
I find myself very lucky to have a profession that I am extremely passionate about. To be able to render somebody’s ideas into an actual vision, gives me a great kick. I eventually aim at venturing into property and space styling (restaurants/ cafes/ homes/ showrooms etc).

My personal favorite. The set for Mr. White detergent

Now, that’s a totally enviable profession! And, did you know? She has a mascot to distinguish her work on every set she does. She says, “My mascot that I always add on every set that I style/ design is a Cat :)…it is in the form of an artifact or a painting or a relief…it could be anything! My sets are never complete without a cat somewhere around!”

Wasn’t that interesting? Can you see her mascot in any of the pics featured here? 🙂 I spotted a couple of them!

All images courtesy Niyoti Upadhye

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