House Exterior Colors – 11 Modern White Houses From Around The World

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Few things look cleaner than a brilliant crisp white. While it may look bold, houses with an all white exterior are the ultimate way to make a statement and create a super modern looking home.

Here are 11 examples of houses with white exteriors that look clean, modern, and stand out from the crowd.


1. This house looks like it’s been made by stacking white blocks on top of each other to create a modern, open living space.

See more photos of this home, here. Designed by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design.

2. The curved lines and pops of black against this large white house give it a clean, futuristic look.

Designed by J. Mayer H. Architects.

3. Walls of windows break up the all white exterior of this modern family home.

Designed by monovolume architecture + design.

4. The bright white exterior of this angular home gives it a clean look and sets it apart from the other houses around it.

Designed by Aires Mateus. Photography by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG.

5. Black window frames and balconies create a striking contrast against the white panels covering the exteriors of this row of houses.

Designed by Bogdan & Van Broeck. Photography by Frederik Vercruysse.

6. Large windows on this bright white house ensure that the inside is just as bright as the outside.

Designed by Joao Mendes Ribeiro. Photography by Jose Campos.

7. The clean lines of this white house and it’s position on a cobbled street make it look exceptionally modern.

Designed by AZO Sequeira Arquitectos Associados. Photography by Nelson Garrido.

8. Large white walls appear to cut through this large modern home dividing it into a number of white rectangles.

See more photos of this house, here. Designed by A-cero – Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares.

9. This white house features a unique glass cutout surrounding the front door area to break up the otherwise all white exterior and brighten up the inside of the home.

Designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. Photography by Fumihiko Ikemoto.

10. This large, white, rectangular house appears to be emerging right out of the rocks from the mountain behind it.

See more photos of this home, here. Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Photography by Fernando Alda.

11. Other than a few black window frames and doors, the outside of this family home is completely white.

Designed by M2.sensos. Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio.

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