House, Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha

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House, Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha

By: Levy Chamizer Architects

Photographs: Amit Geron

Architecture and interior design of a two story house in Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha.
Overlooking a landscape of open fields, and stationed on a long and narrow plot, the house was conceived as a barn-like structure that corresponds to the basic form of the old kibbutz houses nearby.
The extended facade is fully open to the fields, enjoying a view that changes every season. Three separate spaces are located along this long facade: a living room, a kitchen and a play room –all of them connect with the garden and the field view. However, the two narrow sides are somewhat restrained. The openings that emerge from them create a well-formed landscape frame.

Designed by Levy Chamizer Architects – Website | FB

Living room tables: KNEKASH
Sofa: Habitat
Dining room chairs: Habitat
The lamp above the dining table: Thomas
Living room tables: KNEKASH

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