Houzz Home Kitchen Inspiration

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Prepare to be dazzled! Let your creative design spirit create the space you will love.

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Houzz Home Kitchen Inspiration!

Hello Friends! I pray everyone is doing well! I love kitchen design and Houzz is great place for home kitchen inspiration. There are so many amazing ways to style your kitchen and Houzz offers endless resources and  style options. . One thing that will never change is the fact that the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  Whether your single or a family of four the kitchen is always were you start your day and end your day.  I believe creating the kitchen you love has little  to do with size or budget, and more to do with creativity and really knowing what your home style inspiration is. A small kitchen can be a jewel box that you love to create delicious recipes in if you develop what type of space and materials excite you and make you feel warm inside. Design is more than just a look it’s a feeling you get when your in a certain space that makes you feel inspired and and so comfortable and at ease that you never want to leave. 

I found when designing my own space even after a year of finding the looks, styles and resources it still wasn’t enough time.  Honestly after everything came together I wasn’t completely  satisfied.

I love it but now looking back there was so much more I wish I would have considered from a design prospective. There is so much out here to see and be inspired by. My main purpose for this post and other design post is to show my readers all the amazing home designs styles and resources we have at our fingertips.  The more knowledgeable we are the more options we can consider when designing our homes. Today I will be sharing some extraordinary design options from the amazing Houzz website! 

Houzz is a place to see amazing home design and decor. The resources are incredible, you can find design and construction professionals in your area. The perfect architect and contractors are waiting to make your design dreams a reality! Plus they also have great products and home decor options. Whether your starting new from the ground up or remodeling a kitchen this is a great way to get motivated and inspired. 

Houzz Home Kitchen Inspiration!


As you prepare to be inspired by these amazing design inspirations when you look at the picture actually imagine yourself living in that space daily. It’s one thing to walk in a room and love it for a few hours and another thing to live there daily. Especially now when most of us are  at our homes much longer than we ever imagined we would be our interiors are more important than ever. So let the inspiration begin!!

 Houzz Home Kitchen Inspiration!

Tip #1  Visualize yourself and your family living in the space. 
Tip #2  You don’t have to like the design of the entire space. Pull cool features out that you love. 
Tip #3  Consider your budget but also keep in mind just about everything can be modified to fit any budget.
Tip #4  Think out the box even if it’s just a little. Consider designs, colors, textures, floor plans that you have never considered before. 
Tip #5  Don’t box yourself into one type of design style. It’s ok to mix different design ideas. 
As you look as these beautiful home decor and design inspirations pull out textures and combinations you love. Pull out different design aspects such as  lighting design, kitchen cabinets design, and even colors and textures that speak to you. Think about your style, are you more classic, boho chic, modern or farmhouse. You might be like me, a combination of a few different design style.
Keeping a journal, interior design board, or mood board is the best way to keep your design inspirations all in one place. This will allow you to have your complete project at your fingertips.  Use this tool to weed out what you love and what you don’t. Your interior design mood board and journal will supply you with a wealth of inspiration and that you have collected over a six month or year time period. 

Houzz Home Kitchen Inspiration!

Don’t underestimate the power of the written word.  Journaling  and writing down your thoughts through out your remolding planning process will be essential to your design and what you really want to create.  Set aside time to write down the aspects of your dream design kitchen or any room that matter to you the most. Writing down your thoughts and essentials to your design will help you to create a loving home space. 

Most popular interior design styles. 
  1. Modern
  2. Contemporary
  4. Industrial
  5. Mid- Century Modern
  8. Traditional
  9. French Country
  10. Bohemian
  11. Rustic
  12. Shabby Chic 
  13. Hollywood Glam
  14. Coastal Hampton’s
As you can see we have plenty of styles to choose from or combine to create your own unique style. 
Here are some inexpensive ways to make amazing decor changes to your space without breaking the bank. 
1.Add mirrors to the wall. 
2.Add live or fax plants
3. Add paint or texture to your walls
4. Rearrange your furniture
5. Add decorative pillows
6. Add woven baskets for storage and decor
7. Frame family photos
8. Add a statement rug
9. Change your bookcase design. Add personality and interest.
10. Add candles 


I love these rooms they give me so much inspiration. Although I don’t love everything about every room but I do take something amazing from each room. Which space is your favorite?
Thanks so much for visiting with me! God Bless..
Get Inspired!!


















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