How I use my Android Phone to Blog

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How to use your Android phone to blog

The last time I wrote about my phone was to share all the apps I’ve deleted from my Android phone, I’ve since deleted even more. Before that, I wrote about finally joining the world of Android and all the new things that has given me (ahem, Instagram). I’ve had my Huwaei P9 since last year, which I got when I started at my current job because I do a lot of events and my Hisense’s camera just wasn’t going to cut it content quality wise. Since I got this phone, I’ve been using it to do most of my blog-related work.
Here’s how I use my Android phone to blog
1. Photography
I can’t remember the last time I picked up one of my point-and-shoot cameras to get a picture for the blog. This started with my previous phone because I found it was much easier but has continued with the P9 because the picture quality is great. Of course, depending on my sister’s mood and how the light is outside, the end result can differ. For instance, I didn’t expect these pics to turn out so well, considering we were just standing outside yapping. These pics on my Instagram were taken after work while it drizzled in front of a bad wall but I still wanted it.
2. Editing pics
I primarily use VSCO to edit my blog and Instagram pictures and the process is just importing the pics from my camera roll into the VSCO app and get started. Some edits, in hindsight, always in hindsight!, have worked out better than others. For instance, if a picture was badly lit, I have sometimes done too much to compensate for it and it works, maybe, 10% of the time. Regardless of equipment, you need to go into taking your photos knowing the feel you want and do your best to get the best light.
3. Writing posts
I currently have 200+ email drafts on my primary Gmail. That’s where I write the first drafts of most things I write. Blog posts for on here? Yup, they’ve been through Gmail. A short story that has been in progress for years? The working draft lives on my Gmail. The boring thing I’ve just published on my Medium page? It started in a Gmail email draft.
I’ve also gone back to creating monthly ideas lists, which I used to do on my Blackberry’s memo pad and that list too is an email draft.
4. Uploading posts
This is the most tedious part of blogging from my phone. I have to reformat the posts once pasted into the body of a new blog post and sometimes it’s a miss. I didn’t realise it, because it looked fine on my phone, but my post on Telefone was badly formatted (small font) and each time I tried to fix it, it wouldn’t take.
But on a good posting day, I first upload the pictures and then paste the text and format it to fit the blog’s look. Even when I’m posting from a computer, my phone still plays a role in terms of uploading the images.

Depending on your blogging platform, you may even have an app to upload from. Tumblr and WordPress do.
5. Social Media
The reason I’m always on my phone it that I’m constantly tweeting and retweeting and scrolling judgementally through my Facebook newsfeed and double-tapping on IG. I think I’m getting better at sharing my content on Twitter, which is the network I use the most. For years, I wouldn’t tweet my links. I also have the Buffy app installed but I can’t tell you the last time I used it.


While it’s still quite a small production over here — maybe even smaller than four-five years ago when I had a big camera, I think things have come a long way since I was blogging from the Internet Cafe in 2011, watching the timer. I do have a laptop again, I do have a dongle but I still prefer the immediacy of sliding my finger a few times on my phone’s screen and getting a post out. And that’s what blogging from my Andriod phone offers me.

I hope this reassures you that you don’t need a lot to get your content out there, you can use your Android phone to blog or make videos or take pictures.


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