How To Apply Foundation That Looks Flawless

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Hello beauties! It’s your girl Colleen here and today’s topic is a biggie for makeup lovers. I can say with certainty that the most frequent makeup question I get asked revolves around foundation. Specifically, how to apply foundation flawlessly.

I mean, I think we’ve all marveled at how celebrities’ faces always look so flawless on the red carpet right? More than that, you’ve probably wondered if you could get your makeup to look the same way. And the answer is, yes you can. The secret lies in the…say it with me…FOUNDATION!

In this post, I’ll be going over some essential tips for getting your foundation to apply smoothly and look flawless and crease-free throughout the day or night.

I’ve also created a video tutorial so make sure to watch that at the end for more foundation tips and tricks. With that, let’s get into my tips on how to apply flawless foundation.

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Tip #1: Follow a good skincare routine.

Most of you may already know this, but you want to start off any makeup routine with a clean, hydrated face. It’s just common sense that if your skin isn’t in the best condition possible, then your makeup isn’t going to apply easily or look that great either. And the way to get your skin in tip top shape is by following a good skincare routine.

To customize a routine that meets your skin’s needs, figure out your skin type (i.e. normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive) and select skincare products that are formulated for that particular type.

Being familiar with your skin type also comes in pretty handy later on in the foundation process so make sure you’re on top of that.

For ideas on how to create your own skincare routine, check out the one I’m currently using Best Skin Care Products For Dry Dull Skin

Tip #2: Use a primer.

Prepping your skin with a good primer serves three purposes:

  • Allows the foundation to apply smoothly.
  • Binds the foundation to your skin.
  • Keeps the foundation from creasing or caking up so it lasts longer.

Primers come in many varieties so you want to choose one that works with your skin type and the makeup look you’re going for. Here are some amazing primers that I recommend based on your skin type/concerns:

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines to help you get started. Like everything else in makeup, there are no hard rules. It’s good to experiment with different formulas to find what looks and feels best on your skin.

I actually use two primers when doing a full glam look on myself. First, I apply the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer to the outer areas of my face which tend to be dry. Then I go in with the Smashbox Photofinish Pore Minimizing Primer on my T-zone (center) to fill in the pores and prevent oiliness.

Tip #3: Choose the right foundation.

It’s pretty simple. If you want your foundation to look like a flawless second skin, you need to choose a shade that’s closest to your skin tone and undertone.

Along with that, you’ll want to decide on a foundation finish (matte, dewy, satin) that suits your skin type and the makeup look you’re going for.

I should also note that there are different foundation formulas including liquid, cream, pressed powder, mineral powder and stick. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m focusing only on liquid foundations. That’s because I’ve found that they blend more seamlessly into the skin and give the most natural looking finish. Also, I didn’t want this blog post to be 5,000 words long! 😆

My go-to foundations:

For help on how to find the perfect foundation shade match and formula, check out our tutorial How To Find Your Foundation Match

Tip #4: Use the right application tools.

Liquid foundation can be applied using a damp blending sponge, a foundation brush or a combination of the two.

For everyday looks, I use only a damp blending sponge to apply and blend out the foundation. For full glam, I first use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation and then a damp blending sponge to blend it out. I’ve found that this technique gives the most flawless full coverage finish.

My favorite foundation application tools:

Tip #5: Use a setting powder.

I strongly recommend a setting powder especially if you live in a humid climate and/or your skin tends to be on the oily side. A good setting powder provides additional coverage and gets rid of excess oils and shine to give you that flawless air-brushed finish. Just make sure to get one in a shade closest to your skin tone. To apply, use a large powder brush to gently dust the setting powder over your foundation.

My setting powder of choice:

Tip #6: Lock foundation in place with a setting spray.

The final important step to flawless foundation is setting spray. Setting spray melds the foundation with your other makeup (concealer, bronzer, blush etc.). It also locks your foundation in place and keeps it from drying out and caking up.

For full glam makeup with lots of steps, I like to include a few spritzes of a hydrating mist every 2 or 3 steps in the routine to keep everything hydrated and prevent caking. Then as a final step, I’ll use an actual setting spray to lock everything in place.

My go-to setting sprays:

Tip #7: Watch my tutorial on how to apply flawless foundation.

Final Thoughts On Flawless Foundation Application

I really hope you found this foundation tutorial helpful. When I first started out doing makeup, I had very few resources to help me out. So if I can help make your makeup journey a bit smoother and more fun, I’ve done my job. Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments or questions and thank you for reading.

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