How to Block Ads from Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone

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Read Latest Articles Relevant to adnroid apps, smartphone application development, and Android Jetpack Benchmark, How to Block Ads from Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone.

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Learn how to block ads, malicious websites, and trackers from your WiFi network at home. This will help you safeguard privacy, increase browsing speed, and help manage and protect your WIFI NETWORK MORE EFFICIENTLY.

Any device that will be connected to your router, whether iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Windows PC, Mac computer, etc, you won’t see a single advertisement.

You will be able to browse all websites without worrying about those popup and pop-under ads loading malicious and p*rn sites.

00:01 Introduction
00:45 Sponsors Intro
01:48 Hardware Requirements
02:22 Download Required Files
03:39 Prepare SD Card
04:16 Edit Settings in WiFi Router
05:36 Connect and Configure RaspberryPi via Putty
06:57 Change DietPi OS Network Settings
07:49 Install and Setup Pi-Hole on DietPi
10:00 Login to PiHole Web Interface
11:05 How to Add Host File URLs to Ad Block List
11:21 Finally Setup DNS Settings in WiFi Router
13:31 A sincere request to you all

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Rufus App:
Putty for WIndows:
Raspberry Pi: (INDIA) (US)
SD Card: (INDIA) (US)
LAN Cable: (INDIA) (US)
WiFi Router: (INDIA) (US)
Power Supply for Raspberry Pi: Any 5V 2A Smartphone charger with Micro USB/Type C (for Raspberry Pi 4)#AdBlock #RaspberryPi #OpenSource

By following this guide, you will be able to,
Block Trackers
Blocks NSFW Websites
Block Malicious websites
Block Ads from WiFi Network
Block Ads on Android
Block Ads on iPhone and iPad
Block Ads on Windows PC
Block Ads Google Chrome Android
Block to Block Trackers

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I found that people are indeed happy to pay money for a premium app. I waited just two weeks after launching my complimentary app to get a paid version out, and I immediately saw sales. I believe even simply having an ad-free version would create a healthy quantity of sales.

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How to Block Ads from Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone communications.

How to Block Ads from Android, Mac, Windows and iPhone, Play top full length videos relevant with Android Jetpack Benchmark.
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