How to Change AOL Password on iPhone?

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The combination of two best products delivers outstanding results. With two best products here, we are referring to AOL and iPhone. Both these brands have achieved milestones in their own spectrums. When combined together, they offer awesome user experience where one gets abundant features, accessed on fingertips. Also, changing & resetting the password when lost or forgotten is just a few taps work, no matter how many multiple accounts you have integrated together.  

Why One Should Change AOL Password Routinely? 

Security threats these days are on a rising note, which poses risk on email accounts especially those which are active on a daily basis, carrying important data. When you Change AOL password on iPhone, you reduce the chance of becoming a hacking victim.  But it is not as easy as it seems as people with basic or no technical knowledge may get flustered when doing this.  

How to Change AOL Password on iPhone?

If you are using AOL on iPhone then you can access and manage your emails easily. At times, some of the other people who also use your phone might access your account using your AOL password. Whether you are an android user or iPhone user for AOL mail, you must have a good practice to change AOL password to resist hackers.  So, keeping security in mind, you must change the password on a regular basis. In this case, if you want to reset AOL password then follow this guide for help.

Remember– The user should keep changing their AOL account password on a regular basis.

While creating a new password, you must make sure the password is strong. Having alphanumeric ([email protected]) type of passwords will be the best option for a strong password.

Steps to Change AOL Password on iPhone:-

Try the below step guide to Change AOL password on iPhone and bound your account with security:

  1. Tap on AOL app first.
  2. Now, on the login screen, enter your username.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Enter your current password now. 
  5. Go to ‘Manage your Account’ Section
  6. Press the‘ Change Password’ section.
  7. Type your new password containing alphanumeric characters, to make it more strong. 
  8. Press ‘Continue’.

Congratulations, you have changed your AOL password successfully. If by default you fail to follow the steps connect with technician experts.

Reset AOL Mail Password on iPhone

However, if you are unable to work upon the above security practice, we have some other methods which you can follow.

  1. Visit the sign-in helper Page
  2. Enter the email ID
  3. Click on Continue. 
  4. Follow on-screen prompts now. 

Note:-On new password page, make sure to create a strong password to resist hacking. 

Your password will be reset. 

How to Add/Log in AOL Account in iPhone?

AOL provides you the special privilege to develop extra accounts to bifurcate and handle different categories. Go through the below guidelines and add on your new account:

  1. Click on ‘Settings’ in your iPhone
  2. Navigate to Accounts & Passwords option.
  3. Tap ‘Add Account’.
  4. Choose Mail Service:
    • ICloud-Apple Mail email accounts
    • Exchange-Microsoft Experience email accounts
    • Yahoo!-Yahoo mail accounts
    • Google-Gmail or Google email accounts
    • AOL-AOL email accounts
    •, Hotmail email accounts.
  1. If not any of the above, tap Others.
  2. Enter your Account Information
  3. Swipe Mail switch from right to left (from white to green)
  4. This adds your account.
  5. Determine and sync other account data

These steps are essential to make an account.

Customer Service Help Desk

Furthermore, if you need an instant solution for any AOL mail related query, you can contact our expert team. The professionals will assist you with the flowchart to reset your password or add a new account on the iPhone. You are free to connect with us 24*7. Share your problem and get a reliable solution within few seconds. Are you the one trying to connect AOL Customer Service? Contact us.

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