How to Create a Magical Garden

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1. A Welcoming Entrance

Whether it’s a pretty arbor, a charming gate, or even a simple strand of lights overhead, creating an entrance sets the stage for a beautiful oasis to begin.


2. Paths to Wander

There are few things more charming in a garden than sweet winding paths to walk through and explore.


3. Destinations

It’s always lovely when a garden has little ‘destinations’ along the way, isn’t it? I love gardens with a sweet bench to sit and relax or a small table and chairs to stop for conversation.

The Wood Grain Cottage

4. Texture

The most interesting gardens have a wide variety of textures and materials throughout. Combining interesting shapes and textures creates drama and an eye-catching contrast!


5. Ambience

Accents and layers of light provide a warm magical glow and help to illuminate paths.

Click HERE to take a tour of my own backyard!

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