How To Creatively Use Chalkboard Paint Around The House

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Blackboards or chalkboard walls are very versatile and can be used functionally but also for decorative purposes. You can integrate them in every room of the house even take them outdoors. Use them for writing messages on, notes, recipes, grocery lists, draw something beautiful on them or let the kids doodle and have fun with them. Wherever you decide to have such a feature, there are numerous different ways in which to use it and we have compiled a list of examples and ideas for you to take a look at.

At the entryway.

A framed blackboard can make a lovely decoration for your home’s entryway
Apply chalkboard paint to one of the walls and customize it

by Karson Butler Events

A chalkboard accent wall lets you get creative with drawings and cute messages
Write your schedule on the chalkboard wall and you’ll see it whenever you enter or leave the house
Let the kids have fun personalizing your entryway
Make the chore list visible so everyone can see it

The entryway is the space that guests first see when they arrive at your house. Welcome them with a cheerful message written on a blackboard or focus on functionality and paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint, transforming it into a giant message board. Write your schedule on it, organize your accessories and have fun with the idea.

The home office.

Have a chalkboard wall in front of the desk and use it as a message board

 by Janis Nicolay 

Take this opportunity to personalize the décor. Try something playful or inspirational
What’s great about chalkboard walls is that you can wipe them clean and they become gray walls

by Zachary Glenn

You don’t necessarily need an entire wall. A small section should be enough

by Durcon Countertops

Add some accent lighting to your chalkboard wall to make it stand out

by Amoroso Design

Only paint a portion of the wall and leave room for storage
If you’d rather not paint the wall, you can have a framed blackboard

by Katharine Hauschka

The blackboard fits nicely in this black and white home office
If you’re not using the blackboard for writing notes, draw something on it
It can be very useful to have a big blackboard in your office in some cases
An inspiration board should make you work with more passion

by Karson Butler

Chalkboard surfaces are particularly useful in the home office because there’s always something you need to write down, whether it’s a simple note, a list or something you just have to remember then and there. Think of that before you repaint your home office and consider having a chalkboard wall. It’s also a simple way of personalizing the space and making it feel more inviting

The kitchen.

In a spacious kitchen, you can easily find the space for a blackboard

by Esther Hershcovich

If there are columns or dividers into the kitchen, take advantage of that
Use chalkboard paint on the cabinet doors and give them a makeover

by Amazing Spaces

Write down your grocery list so nothing gets overlooked

by Went Worth Studio

You can also write down recipes on your chalkboard backsplash

by Kevin Miller Photo

An ingenious way of appointing the seats at the bar

by SB Archtiects

Chalkboard surfaces are the most useful in the kitchen, regardless of the decor

by Tineke Triggs

If you’d rather not change the cabinets or backsplash, find a portion of wall that’s free
If you can, why not turn an entire wall into a giant blackboard?

by Pebble Design

Industrial interior decors can easily accommodate chalkboard walls

In the kitchen, a chalkboard wall in useful for writing grocery lists on or for writing down notes, recipes, messages, etc. there are lots of ways in which you can integrate a chalkboard surface into your kitchen. For example, you could have a chalkboard backsplash or you can paint the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint. Let’s see some more ideas.

The dining room.

A framed chalkboard on the dining room wall can replace the artwork

by sfgirlbybay

There’s usually plenty of space in the dining room for a chalkboard accent wall
A shared kitchen/ dining area can always use a chalkboard
Treat a chalkboard wall like any other and hang artwork on it
Try an inspirational message or a quote you really like
Another interesting idea is to have a chalkboard table in the dining room

by Frame Fanatic

Use your talent to create a unique wall display perfect for any occasion

Let’s now turn our attention to the dining room. Here, for example, a chalkboard wall could be used for writing down the menu on a special occasion or for simply displaying a nice message. Of course, the usual things like notes and messages are still ok to use. In the dining room it’s usually nice to display something beautiful on the wall, maybe artwork, maybe something personalized.

The bathroom.

The chalkboard walls make this small bathroom look modern and casual

by Unit Realty Group

Chalkboard walls are very versatile and you can change their look in minutes

by Sara Bates

If you prefer tiles or wallpaper on the walls, you can use chalkboard paint on the bathroom door
The black on the walls gives the bathroom an edgy look and the lighting is very nice
You can paint only a portion of the walls or maybe the ceiling
Take this opportunity to create a unique décor for your bathroom

by CanvasPop

It’s always nice to be greeted with a nice message in the morning
Turn the walls into inspirational boards for a great start every day
Try a combination of doodling, writing and artwork for the walls
Chalkboard walls can also with the organization of the space

Chalkboard walls in the bathroom are usually mostly decorative. It’s a simple and ingenious idea of making this space feel more inviting and eye-catching. It can be fun to have chalkboard walls in the guest bathroom and let your guests write messages on them. There are lots of ideas you can use to make the walls look interesting. Also, you can have a chalkboard door.


Let the kids have fun doodling on the walls. It keeps them away from the furniture

by Hufft Projects

A nice alternative to chalkboard walls is a chalkboard headboard
Have fun personalizing this space and don’t be afraid to express yourself
It’s best to not have the kids’ bed close to the chalkboard walls
The flower power accent wall puts this minimalist bedroom over the top
A practical person might enjoy having a giant calendar on the bedroom wallpaper

by Like Gibson 

Try a quote or a passage from a book you really like

by Jennifer Clapp

Chalkboard walls let you use your imagination to reinvent the room
Give your bedroom a royal look, even if it’s not actually real


Try something artistic to turn the wall into a focal point
Don’t over think this and maintain a casual décor in the bedroom
A chalkboard wall is a great accent feature even without all the doodles
There’s no need for real artwork when you can draw your own

For the master bedroom, it can be used as an accent feature, maybe to display your talents or for something purely practical like a calendar.

The living room.

This is your opportunity to get crazy and ingenious with chalk

by Andrew Thomsen

You can display framed artwork on a chalkboard wall and add some finishing touches
You don’t necessarily have to write or draw anything on the wall

by Casey Hale-Photographer 

This is also an opportunity to cheer up the décor and to add some color


The kids’ room.

You don’t have to worry about decorating the wall. The kids will take care of that

by Hufft Projects

Let them explore their artistic side and allow them to be creative
Color won’t be missing from the room’s decor if you give the kids some colored chalk

by Pat Sudmeier

Here’s a nice idea: a chalkboard dresser to teach the kids how to be organized

by Adrian Shellard Photography

If there’s enough space in the room have a craft area where the kids can paint and draw
Include a small mantel on which to store the chalk and eraser

by Joshbeeman Photography

You can only turn a portion of a wall into a blackboard

Kids love to write on blackboards and chalkboard surfaces so give them a nice surprise for their room. They will surely appreciate it. The playroom could also use something like this. If possible, don’t place the bed near the chalkboard walls so the kids don’t inhale the dust and residues. A chalkboard wall or a blackboard is also very practical for the kids’ room because they it can help them on the homework or when they study.

The staircase wall.

Sometimes the simpler designs are the most interesting and eye-catching

by Alex Lukey Photography

Another great place for a chalkboard paint is on the staircase wall. Paint it with chalkboard paint and then you can decorate it in so many different ways. You can change the décor every day and you can let the guests or the kids contribute.


Keep the kids busy and out of the house with a blackboard mounted on the fence

by Lori Brookes

They will definitely also love to have an entire wall at their disposal

by Aloe Designs

The nice thing about outdoor blackboards is that the rain gives them a good wash

by Shades Of Green.

Instead of having a blackboard inside the house, take it outside. This way you won’t make a mess indoor, there will be no dust or residue in the house and you can still have fun using it. A good place to hang a blackboard is on the fence or on the exterior walls.

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