How to highlight and contour your face with makeup like a pro?

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Ever since American reality star Kim Kardashian conquered the world of show business, her beauty has become an ideal to millions of women all around the world.

The contouring and highlighting have become her signature beauty tricks in order to restructure her face and accentuate her best features.

What does it really mean to highlight and contour your face with makeup?

It means that you enhance and accentuate your bone structure so that you enhance your cheekbones and slim your nose and face. To put it into simple words – it`s all about enhancing your best features. Contouring means to the use the technique of using shading to enhance and define your facial features.

Here are some easy tips and tricks you should follow:

1. The first thing you should do is to know which shape your face has, because not all of the rules of highlighting and contouring are universal. Your face can be heart shaped, diamond shaped, oblong shape, rectangle shaped, oval shape, pear shape or round shape.

2. It is important to have the right makeup products. You need matte foundation in powder or cream and highlighter. Always remember to use foundation in one shade darker than your skin tone to get the natural look. The highlighter should be two shades lighter than your skin tone.

3. If you choose matte creams the best way to apply them is to do it with your fingers. Blend the cream with your fingers so that it blends seamlessly into your skin. 

4. After you finish the contouring and highlighting, use blush on your cheeks to get the natural look.

Yes this makeup technique will make your best face features pop out. Celebrities and beauty bloggers love it and here are some great examples of how makeup highlight and contour can change your face…

Highlighting and contouring can be complicated but these step by step video tutorials show us how to apply your make-up for the best result, check them out below…


Images: pinterest

Video: Youtube/Carli Bybel

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