How To Make A Scissor Lift Wooden Table Fast And Easy.

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A scissor lift table is a treasure to have both at home and in any workspace. It has many uses (e.g. raising or lowering goods, moving things around), has an adjustable height, and can be made compact for easy storage. The thing is that it can be quite expensive when store-bought.

The budget-minded, however, will opt for DIY. This video shows just how practical it is to build one using strong but less costly materials. We start with sourcing materials. For the wood, it is quite sensible to use ash wood for its durability, price, and availability.

Find a piece that is large enough for all the parts but that you can still carry. Next, procure the hardware – rods (acme thread, shafting, and brass tube), nuts, and bearings. These will be used to secure the wooden parts together later on.

Image source: Marius Hornberger

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