How To Sell Ebooks Online And Build Passive Income Step By Step Guide

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If you want to start making money online and searching for how to sell ebooks online, you’ve came to the right place. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide to start selling and earning passive income from ebooks.

We’ll go through all the process steps like places to sell, how to sell, how to write ebooks and how you can do it without writing everything yourself!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

If you already know where to sell ebooks and want to start right away, there’s a website called Sqribble, which will write ebooks for you in 5 minutes and all you’ll need to do is edit them a little bit and you’re good to go to start selling them.

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So as the world is changing, we are all using phones and computers, so we don’t really read real books that much, and that’s where ebooks come. 

The great thing about ebooks is that you don’t need to print it and cost for that eliminates. Ebooks can simply be downloaded into computer or smartphone when the payment is made and that’s it. 

Also ebooks can be great to give it for free as a bait for customers and after that upsell them other products, which cost.

Actually, there’s a lot of ways to use ebooks, but we will focus on actually selling ebooks online and making lots of sales from it.

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What Are Ebooks?

First of all, if you don’t know what ebook is, it’s just like a book just in pdf (or any other) format, which can be downloaded or delivered online. And most of the times, ebooks are in smaller volumes than physical books.

You can write ebooks yourself, hire writers, use public domain content, or any other source. Ebooks can be about anything, any niche and there’s unlimited content to write about. 

How To Write Ebooks?

If you’re already writing a blog and making money from it, you can easily turn your blog posts into an ebook. Simply collect information from the blog posts maybe excluding conclusions and introductions and put it together. 

Although, there’s tons of information online for free, many people are still willing to pay money just to get all information already put together in one place. You can also use other people’s public domains to collect information, just keep in mind to change it a little bit to keep it as original as possible. 

If you really made a decision to start writing an ebook, note that it will take you some time to write great content (there’s also a way to write ebooks quickly) and you might even burn out and want to quit. Also you might not make lots of sales at first or even none, but if you’ll keep trying, you’ll definitely reach your goal. 

Start Writing Your Ebook

First of all, pick a niche and after that a topic to write about. 

There’s tons of options to choose from, just pick what you’re interested about, what you would love to write and even what you’re good at and can share your knowledge about. Think about narrow, shorter, more niche focused topics.

Your ebooks can actually be about anything and when you’ll write it, start thinking about how to sell ebooks online and where you want to do it.

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How To Sell Ebooks Online?

When you’ll finish your ebook, you’ll have to start thinking on how to sell them, where to do it etc. So let’s start with list of places where you can do it.

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Places To Sell Ebooks

When thinking about how to sell ebooks online and places to do it, few great ones comes to my mind. Firstly, you can directly sell it to your audience with a simple add to cart, download or Paypal link. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to reach traffic yourself and you’ll definitely need a domain and a website to promote your ebook. And to have a website is necessary for most of the places where you can sell ebooks and which I’ll mention here.

  • Your website/blog

If you already have a website/blog with a traffic, it’s actually the best place where you can sell your ebook with simple download button. 


Payhip is e-commerce site which allows to sell ebooks online. They let you to open an e-commerce store for free and also provides with tools like discount buttons, flexible pricing options, the affiliate program and Payhip only take 5% of every sale.

  • Blurb

Blurb is self-publishing website that provides to create, promote and sell your ebook. You can either sell your ebook on their platform or Amazon, Apple iBook stores. Blurb takes 20% of each sale.

  • Lulu

Lulu not only let’s you to sell ebooks on their site, they also provide you with some basic guidelines how to start. Lulu takes 10% of each sale.

  • Feiyr

Feiyr offers promotional services for ebooks in many different online stores and they charge one time fee. The downside of Feiyr is that you have to pay that one time fee and only after that you can start promoting your ebooks and you’ll be getting 90% of your sales.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketplace for any services. So if you’re really into writing ebooks, you can write them for others and make money from each ebook you write.

  • Quora 

Quora is questions & answers platform where you can sell your ebook by answering related questions about the topic you wrote in your ebook about and redirecting to your link where the ebook is. 

  • Facebook

There’s lots of Facebook groups right now where you can sell your ebooks. Although, it might be not the best way to start spamming everyone, if you do everything correctly, you should make decent amount of sales.

  • Instagram

You can create an account on Instagram, start sharing content related to the niche you wrote about and putting the link in bio to your ebook. 

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher

Let’s talk about Amazon. It’s actually amazing place to sell your ebooks online, although, they take some commission from it, because there’s already tons of traffic and you don’t need to worry about where and how to get traffic to sell your ebook. There’s around 89 million active ebook readers at least, so these are your potential buyers. 

Also, you can share the link to Amazon KDP whereever you want and attract even more customers, also, don’t forget to collect emails if possible, just so you could start promoting your ebook to your email list every single day to make even more profit.

How Much To Sell Your Ebook For?

When pricing your ebook, you should always check what others are doing and copy them. Basically, the price depends on the niche you’re writing about, size of your ebook, demand and quality. 

So when you gonna write your ebook, check Amazon or just other marketplaces and marketers how much on average the ebooks in your niche are priced for. 

As I said, the price of an ebook really depends on a niche, size, quality etc., so I can not say the exact price specifically. So I suggest to go to a marketplace like Amazon and search for ebooks at your niche you chose.

How To Write Ebooks If You’re Lazy To Write Them Yourself?

So you heard lots of information here, but still lazy to write ebook on your own? Great thing is that you can still write an ebook without putting too much effort. 

Actually, you can create an ebook in just 5 minutes with world’s #1 ebook creator studio called Sqribble. 

You get unlimited content, templates, layouts, lots of niche categories, auto content writing and much more. It will definitely save you tons of time you would spend writing the whole ebook yourself and, if you will want to add more information, you can edit how you want it.

Start writing ebooks in 5 minutes here.


So here’s how to sell ebooks online and it’s never been easier, right? If writing is really what you want to do or just try out, I highly suggest doing it, because you’ll build passive income for sure and why not to use this opportunity.

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