How to Setup Hushmail Account on Iphone?

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Fix all the Hushmail account on iphone issues under the guidance of Hushmail Support

If you are a regular user of Hushmail, then we know what your mental condition would be at the current point of time. Nowadays, there are a large number of users, who love fixing their Hushmail issues on their own. But the situation becomes tensed when they are not able to repeat this same act again. So, to help all such users, Hushmail Customer Service experts are here. In this article, we will discuss the solutions for the two most common issues of the Hushmail users.

The first issue is related to Setup hushmail account on iphone, whereas the second one is associated with the Resetting of the Hushmail password.

So, here are the steps provided by the Hushmail Technical Service experts which will suggest what you have to do to setup Hushmail account on iphone.

Setup Hushmail Account on Iphone

  • Tap Settings –> Mail,Contact,Calendars –>Add Account –> Other –> Add Account.
  • Enter Your Account details : Name, Address, Password, Description.
  • Select IMAP and enter your server settings. When you have finished, tap Next.

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name:
User Name: your full email address
your passphrase

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name:
User Name: your full email address
your passphrase


Procedure to Sign-in Hushmail Account

  • The first step of this procedure is to navigate to the official website of the Hushmail from your browser.


  • After that, the users have to enter the email address of their Hushmail account in the corresponding text box and then they have to tap on the hushmail SIGN IN problem.


  • The next step is to enter the Hushmail account password under the field named as PASSPHRASE.


  • Now, after clicking on the hushmail SIGN IN button given there in the blue colour, the users would be able to access their account after two seconds and they are done with this procedure.


If your issue has no relation with this first method suggested above, then don’t worry because the steps for resetting the password of your Hushmail account are given below by the experts available on the Hushmail Toll Free number.


Reset Hushmail Password

  • The first step which is mandatory for all the users facing the similar problem is to access their passphrase component.


  • If you don’t know how to do that, then we want to let you know that you first have to log into your Hushmail account which will be the administrator account of yours.


  • After logging in there, you have to click on the mail folder which is named as Passphrase Shadows.


  • Then, you have to tap on the Hushmail account for which you wish to reset the password.


  • Next, you have to copy the passphrase component located there and next, you have log into the Hushtools with the credentials for your Hushmail account.


  • Click on the Users button and select your name.


  • After that, click on the Edit button followed by tapping on the reset passphrase button.


  • The final step is to paste the passphrase component and then enter the new passphrase.



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