How to View Saved Passwords in Safari on Mac

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If you save passwords with Safari on Mac, you can easily go back and view those saved passwords. This is fantastic if you’ve lost a login, or perhaps if you forgot the password to one of your online accounts.

As long as you previously signed in to your account from Safari on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you may be able to see the exact password you used thanks to iCloud Keychain.

Safari has a built-in password management solution that fills out website usernames and passwords for you. Every time you log in to a website in Safari for the first time, the browser will ask you if you want to save the password. When you click “Save Password”, Safari keeps a record of this data so that you don’t have to type in these details the next time you log in. If you’ve been using this feature regularly, you could potentially forget your password. Thankfully, you can recover the password pretty quickly even if you lose it. Let’s review how to see and reveal a saved password directly in Safari for Mac.

How to Find Saved Passwords in Safari for Mac

Viewing all the passwords you’ve entered while browsing in Safari is a pretty simple and straightforward procedure. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Open “Safari” on your Mac from the Dock.

  2. Head over to Safari’s settings by clicking on “Safari” in the menu bar and choosing “Preferences” from the dropdown menu.

  3. This will open a new settings window on your screen. Click on the “Passwords” tab as shown below.

  4. You’ll need to enter your Mac’s user password to access the stored data.

  5. Here, you’ll see the list of all the saved passwords for the websites you’ve logged into. Select the website you’re unable to log in to by clicking on it.

  6. Once the website is highlighted, the exact password will be revealed and you can take a note of this password for signing into the website from other devices. You also have the option to update the username and password by clicking on “Details”. Or, you can remove any of the saved passwords here that are outdated.

Pretty useful, right? Viewing saved passwords in Safari on MacOS is incredibly convenient, for many obvious reasons.

Keep in mind that you will only be able to find this lost password in Safari if you chose to “save password” when you typed in your login credentials on the particular website. You can also manually add account information to Safari for websites in the same menu as a one-time thing and you don’t have to remember your password again.

There’s one other way to view all your saved passwords in Safari and that’s using Keychain Access. Here, you’ll see password information for all the sign-ins you’ve made from your Mac and not just Safari. However, if you don’t use iCloud Keychain and have changed the password for any of your accounts from another device, this information that’s stored on your Mac will be outdated and can no longer be used unless you update it manually.

All the passwords you enter in Safari are securely stored in the keychain. Furthermore, all the web passwords that Safari save to Keychain will be synced across all your other Apple devices with the help of iCloud, meaning all of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac hardware will have access to the keychain saved data.

Obviously this covers the Mac, but you can see accounts and view passwords on iPhone and iPad with Keychain too.

Were you able to view all the saved passwords in Safari and regain access to the website you needed to? Were you able to use this method to recover your forgotten password? If not, did you find any other solution? What are your overall thoughts on Safari’s built-in password manager? Do share your valuable opinions and experience below.

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