Imaginative Interior Design Ideas That Push the Limits

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Your home’s design is a reflection of you yes, of your current living situation and lifestyle, but also of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Sure, we often think about the functional aspects of our residences, but we believe it’s just as important to consider how to imbue our spaces with imaginative interior design and everyday opportunities to have fun, as well. 

At Inspired Interiors, we are driven by the emotional connection we have with our homes and how pushing the boundaries of what is expected in interior design creates more authentic, imaginative spaces that delight the senses and enrich our lives. 

Why shouldn’t your home be your own personal fantasyland? 

Source: Architecture firm: SAOTA. Photographer: Dan Forer

Thinking Outside the Box

Our founder Emily Mackie had a fantastical childhood, in which her father installed an 8-spigot soda fountain in the kitchen, held regular crab cake cooking contests and hosted live bands for holiday celebrations. He even transformed their dining room into a Macaw parrot sanctuary! 

This wonderful sense of whimsy and unbound possibilities in interior design informs and inspires Emily’s work today and sets her apart from more staid and stuffy interior design firms. Working with Emily might mean building a rooftop sprinkler park or a curlicue slide from an upstairs bedroom to the patio (both client projects) or a zip line and giant slip & slide on the driveway (she’s pitched these awesome ideas to her kids). She even considered purchasing a roller coaster she found for sale on a North Carolina road trip and setting it up in her backyard. Her kids didn’t sign off on that one, but this fanciful and inventive approach to a home’s design is the point: What kind of fun are you having in YOUR home?

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

When working with an interior designer to create your dream home, make sure you’re not leaving out the dream part. A skilled designer will inspire you to literally live out loud, making a unique statement with your space. 

Whether you’re building a custom home from the ground up or revamping your current residence, resist the urge to play it safe. Even if your ideas aren’t as “out there” as a backyard amusement park ride, you can still unleash your ingenuity through a freewheeling attitude around color, texture and creative use of space. 

Things to consider when embarking down a visionary design journey: How can you defy expectations in your home’s interior design? Are you creating space for making memories and experiencing epic moments in life? If you think beyond the practical to include the provocative, you’ll build a home that speaks volumes about what you value most in life. 

Stay tuned for all of the exciting ways we’ll explore the topic of pushing the boundaries in interior design, and be sure to rate your responses on the “How Fun Is Your Space?” checklist below (and let us know your responses!). Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for unlimited interior design ideas that will serve as your guide into transforming your home into a place filled with one-of-a-kind opportunities to live life to its fullest.


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