Inspiration For A Scandinavian Bar Cabinet

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It’s time to shake things up a bit!

As a married couple who appreciates hosting with nice cocktails, wine + even craft beer, I want to share that interest a bit more within our apartment. Which is why I’m pulling together inspiration for a Scandinavian bar cabinet. Let the fun begin!

For our current situation, the “bar area” serves a dual purpose. It’s where we store our hats, scarfs and masks via storage cubicles. And it’s also where we try to store our alcohol, vintage drink glassware and cocktail mixers. This area of the apartment is what you first see when you walk in and right now, it’s feeling lackluster. It certainly has potential, but it could really use a sense of direction and focus. So here is my inspiration:

All images VIA Pinterest

We won’t be getting a whole new cabinet / storage area at this time, so I’m focusing on making decor + styling changes. I want to elevate the area by adding texture and color (ie: greenery, glassware, woven baskets, etc.). Not to mention, adding some quality liquor to the group. I’ve gotten into gin these past few months and am finally ready to try quality tequila! It’s going to be key to get bottles of liquor that taste well + has an unique label.





I will keep you posted and do full blog post on what I decide to get or reuse for this area. Stay tuned!


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