Inspiration Monday-Lace Architecture

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Lace Architecture….

Lace is great on the body, elegant, sensual, sophisticated and unique – it makes us feel beautiful, well lace to me has the same affect in the world of architecture.

All over the world lace has a unique impact from the East to the West from the North to the South you will find great pieces that can be a fabulous inspiration!

Just have a look at the building below a stunning design ( Guatemala) -integrate pattern and designs to get inspired by.


Or how about this stunning house design from Russia, a wooden lace design. Take a  look at this house is not a five minute affair. It takes time and to me if feels like you dive into the past of the building or design.

Now that we went from Guatemala to Russia let;s step into the Arabic culture.

This is the sealing of the gorgeous  Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This particular design reminds me in particular of Romanian Point Lace. The floral elements are very similar to traditional Romanian Lace, Macrameu ( the true name of Romanian Point Lace)

On the other hand this school reminds me of classic BattenbergLace . Other classic lace architecture are the famous iron gates of Versailles

To me, all these pieces inspire me and give me great ideas for small and large projects. What inspires you?




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