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“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

David Alston, author



I know that to increase revenue from your small business, your store, your gym, is on your mind.

You’re not working harder and longer hours just for the fun of it.

No, instead, you expect to get more clients, more customers and make more sales.

I get it.

And because I get it, I need to ask this question:

Have you ever wondered why your social media is failing you?

It’s failing you, while to others it is the chicken that lays golden eggs.


Social media:

  • It’s mostly free

  • It will work for you for a long time to come

  • And can be a reliable income generator



Could it be that the way you think social media marketing works is simply wrong?

That your social marketing approach doesn’t have the slightest chance of ever doing something positive for your gym or store?

This is sad because, if executed skillfully, social media marketing generates exceptional results.

You see, social media is not failing you.

Instead, you’re failing social media by doing a terrible job using it!

Let’s explore together what social media can do for you and how to avoid the most common mistakes gym, store owners and service providers frequently make.


Shall we?


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What is social media marketing

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

The Most Frequently Made Social Media Mistakes

This is How You Make Social Media Work For You




What Is Social Media Marketing?



Because your consumers “live” online now, social media marketing is no longer optional but essential for businesses.

Social media marketing is a communication strategy connecting you with your target audience to build and grow your brand, drive traffic, engage your audience and increase sales.

But social media will not work for you if you just on-and-off place some self-promoting posts about your gym, store, or services; that is not marketing. Instead, you need a marketing plan, know how to put such a plan together and execute it.



Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

As almost 50 percent of the world’s population is using social media, it is the obvious place to put your business in front of many people and reach highly targeted, new potential customers.

Consider this, according to Hootsuite, on Instagram alone, 80 percent of people follow at least one business and 60 percent say they discover new products on that platform.

Can you imagine how many people you could reach with your message?


Social media allows you to:

  • Focus on your target audience with unsurpassed precision

  • Increase public awareness of your brand

  • Humanize your brand and showcase your reputation

  • Automate and multiply exposure of your content

  • Provide better customer service

  • Keep an eye on your competition

  • Discover industry trends in real-time

  • Create better search engine results

  • Sell more products, services and get more clients in your gym




The Most Frequently Made Social Media Mistakes




For this article, I researched 125 social media accounts of

  • Independent gyms, yoga and pilates studios

  • Chain gyms, yoga and pilates studios

  • Brick and mortar retail stores

  • Online retail stores

  • Real Estate Agencies

While not representative, it certainly paints a picture.


The Common Mistakes I Found Are:


You’re Not A Trusted Brand, Online

Are you old enough to know the TV show “Cheers” and their Theme Song” Where Everybody Knows Your Name”?

That’s it, right there. That is the definition of what branding is; “Everybody Knows Your Name.” And in your case, hardly anyone does, definitely online.

Why? Because for some or all of the reasons listed below.


You Don’t Have A Defined Reason Why You’re On Social Media

I have found many businesses where I was unable to identify why they are using social media. No strategy, no rhyme and reason, so I think they really don’t know why they’re on social media. Yet, it is impossible to be strategic about something if you don’t know why you’re doing it in the first place.

To be successful on social media, you have to be clear about why you want to be there.


You Don’t Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Different demographics have different reasons why they want to use your product or service.

Take gyms, for example. Younger folks are most likely more interested in looking muscular, fit and sexy. They use different exercise routines, weights and machines than an older demographic who might be more interested in fitness for health reasons.

Identify who your target audience is, then you can send them targeted, to the point messages in the form of social media posts.



You’re Overly Self-Promoting

Every single one of your social media posts should serve a purpose, have a job to do. Besides enticing your audience to take actions, such as visiting your website, your gym, or store, one of the primary purposes of your posts should be:

Attract your audience to return to your social media account frequently, so you have an ongoing chance to tempt your visitors the take action.

How inspired would your visitors feel to return to your social media accounts if they find nothing but self-promoting “bla-bla”?

So, no wonder your audience stays away and abandons your social media altogether.

Just to be clear, numerous reports have confirmed, an audience that avoids your social media is also more likely to elude your website.

Hmmm, what was it again, you said? Why you maintain social media accounts and a website?


You’re Not Giving People A Reason To Like You

“You’re just a company, and like any company, you’re only after my money”!

Is this how you want your few social media visitors to think about you? It is much easier for us to connect and think positively about a company (or a brand, if you’re one) if we feel that there are actually real people behind it, especially if they are likable.

A lot of you are missing out on that chance!


You’re Not Giving People An Opportunity To Trust You

Purposeful written, spot-on content on your platforms lends you expert status. In addition, such content generates trust and makes your social media, blog, or website the place to go for reliable information your audience is looking for, ultimately leading to conversions and sales.

Have you ever heard that self-promotion and ads do that for you?



You’re Not Giving People A Purpose To Come To Your Social Media

I see many social media posts, especially from gyms that are all over the place. These posts feature random, confusing topics and are not helpful at all. If you don’t give someone a purpose to come to your social media, blog, or website, how can you expect them to be there?



Your Social Media Accounts And Posts Are Not Optimized

OK, step by step:

  • Your social media account description, BIO, or profile (different names for the same thing) is lame, undescriptive, or confusing. As a result, you don’t stick out from the crowd!

  • You’re not using hashtags, or not relevant ones, to improve your search engine ranking

  • Your headlines are footnotes. Your headlines have a job to do, to lure visitors into clicking on it and reading your content. If your headlines are boring, your visitors have no reason to read the post.



You Post Too Infrequently Or Not At All For Weeks Or Months

Imagine you’re visiting a social media account or website you think could give you the valuable information you’re looking for, only to find the same old content and nothing new every time you get there. Why would you return?

Here is an example of not doing it: On my research for this post in June 2021, I found a Twitter account from a local gym showing their last tweet was posted on Dec. 11, 2019. A whopping one and a half years ago.




This Is How You Make Social Media Work For You



Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

Remember the line: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”!

It might sound simplistic, but it’s true for any strategy, including social media.

After clearly identifying if and how social media can help you achieve your business goals, you can start creating an effective marketing plan. Read on to see how.



Identify Your Perfect Target Audience

Who are the people you’re trying to reach?

If you know exactly who your ideal “customer” is in gender, age, education, hobbies, even income, then you know where you can find them.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that social media is one entity; it’s not. Instead, social media is an ever-changing series of channels and platforms; created for a different purpose, reach, and demographics. Therefore different audiences are active on different platforms.

So be very clear who is the target audience you would like to reach.

Remember my gym audience example? If you’re creating a campaign to reach the older demographic, they do not hang out on Snapchat. And if you’re trying to get the attention of the next young adult body building champion, they’re not on Facebook; but on TikTok.



Humanize Your Brand

Humans are “social creatures” we like to connect. But not with everyone, instead of with people we like. What salesman do you think will close the sale, the salesman who is well-liked by the potential customer or the one who irritates its potential customer?

Creating real human connections with your potential customers is one of the social media’s key benefits for any business.

This is best done by introducing your company, your employees, even your customers to your followers; tell stories – get up and personal.

Sure, you may also showcase your products or services, but skillfully. No one wants to see overly self-promoting posts when browsing a company’s social media.

By ensuring your posts are informative and entertaining, your followers will look for your posts and happily “eat up” your messages. Humanizing your brand works.



Showcase Your Reputation

According to a study by Trinity Mirror Solutions, More than 50 percent of adults claim to need “real-world proof” that a company is trustworthy. For a company, there is no better place to accomplish this than social media.

By showcasing how people use your products (gyms or services) and how much they like it, you create such trust. This can be done by publishing customer quotes or curating customer posts.



Posting Shareworthy Content Multiplies Exposure

No other marketing approach generates so much free traffic as social media posts do.

Posting purposefully designed, not overly promotional, content on your social media platforms and engaging in social chats and comments get new readers’ attention. It creates curiosity and recognition and sends visitors to your sales page (blog or website) who would not have visited without social media.

Ensure your posts are shareworthy. As your target audience interacts with your content, starts liking, commenting and sharing your social posts, your content will now find an extended audience, friends, families and followers. You are introducing your message to thousands of people…for FREE!



Optimize Your Accounts And Posts

  • Your account description must tell your visitor immediately upon opening your account that they have arrived at the right place. Here, they can expect competent answers for their problems.

  • Ensure that every post has an attention-grabbing headline that entices people to read your posts. Hopefully, you have researched what people are looking for, so your headline can show them that you know what their problems are and that you have the solutions for them.

  • Ensure your posts are rich in relevant hashtags. Place the hashtags in your account description, headlines, and throughout the posts.



Post Frequently, On The Right Days And Times

Consistency and quality are the hallmarks of social media success.

Not self-promotion, but quality posts are a given. But why is frequency important?

Depending on the social media platform and your target audience, if you only post occasionally, your audience will forget about you; and never return. On the other hand, posting too often can be seen as a nuisance, and your audience will leave you too.

The correct frequency is for your gym, store, and service business depends on your individual situation, the social media channels and the platforms you’re using.

Please do your research or ask a professional; it’s well worth it!







This post intends to give you a better understanding of why so many small businesses, especially gyms, stores and service providers have such a hard time using this fantastic traffic machine, called social media, to their benefit.

I hope I succeeded and you can take some pointers and use them to your advantage.

Social media can make a huge difference in your business.

Today, since every business is on it, the internet is a crowded place. To stick out in the crowd, you should neither mumble nor shout your message; instead, be relevant.

Only the relevant message presented skilfully will be heard.




Now Over To You!

Be relevant and skillful in your messaging, and your thriving social media will be a customer generator for you for a long time to come.


Happy social


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