Krishna Jayanthi Recipes | Gokulashtami Recipes | Janmashtami Recipes

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Gokulashtami Recipes | Krishna Jayanthi Recipes | Janmashtami Recipes

Krishna Jayanthi /Gokulashtami / Janmashtami Recipes collection featured here to make the festival exciting. Gokulashtami also known as Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. We celebrate Gokulashtami by singing devotional songs, reciting slokas, fasting, praying together, preparing and sharing special food, night vigils, and visiting Krishna temples. .

About Gokulashtami Recipes:

We usually offer homemade butter, seedai and aval for Lord Krishna on this day as they are his most favourites. Before the culture of cake cutting cropped up on our birthdays, I believe we should have celebrated birthdays by following the tradition of cooking sweets and snacks on that day. Here is a collection of easy and traditional gokulashtami recipes – some recipes are very easy to prepare with stepwise pictures. The collection includes sweets and savoury snacks mostly south indian varieties.
You can find a collection of gokulashtami recipes in this post which includes seedai recipes, aval recipes, home butter, murukku and variety of savoury recipes. I suggest a grand celebration of this day, however, if the work keeps us busy & still we want to glorify Krishna on his day, just offer butter and sweet aval to Krishna which resembles his childhood sport of stealing butter from houses.

Gokulashtami marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.We usually offer homemade butter and aval for Lord Krishna on the day as butter and aval are his most favourites. Janmashtami is celebrated for the birth of Hindu Lord Sri Krishna. This year 2021, Gokulashtami / Sri Krishna Jayanthi falls on 30th August. People in Tamil Nadu usually serve aval(poha) dishes and fresh homemade butter as neivedyam to Lord Krishna and draw footprints in houses. The foot print is drawn with a special homemade flour made into a batter and drawn with hands.

Krishna’s Arrival: Traditionally people draw footprints with a special homemade flour made into a batter in houses to symbolise Krishna’s arrival at their homes. It is either drawn with hands or by immersing the kid’s leg into the batter and make them walk. My memory cherishes of having my kids step on the batter and then guiding them to walk all the way from our entrance of the home to pooja room. Kids love doing this as this is the only time we happily allow having their mark on the floor!

Krishna’s Evening: The festival is celebrated in the evening as Krishna was born at midnight amidst chaos. This evening marks the avathar of Lord Vishnu /incarnation of God to put an end to the evil. Some people observe fast on this day and eat only after the midnight puja. In some of the parts of India, after Krishna’s midnight hour birth, statues of baby Krishna are washed and clothed, then placed in a cradle.

Little Krishna: Another interesting and unique feature of this festival is that we dress up our kids as Krishna / Radha and they visit neighbours & friends. At school, when my daughter had to dress up like Radha, for this day, her happiness (mine too) was no bounds! Oh! What a stress buster to shop and dress up kids in special attire! I guess this is applicable only for girls, as my boy made me sweat out when I had to dress him up like Krishna for this day at his school!

Maharashtra and some parts of India celebrate “Dahi handi” (like Uriyadi in Tamilnadu) – a sport to break earthen pots of dahi (curd / yoghurt) to symbolise Krishna’s sport of stealing of butter! The pots are kept out of reach in heights and people build human pyramids to reach the height & break the pot amidst hurdles.

Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami Recipes

Serving Suggestions :

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and hence make, eat and share bountiful! I trust savouries never crossed the date of expiry at our homes – just in case if you are an exception, be sure to consume it in 3-4 days. Savouries are the preferred snacks anytime. I also love relishing it with Sambar sadham, curd sadham or with meals when we get lazy or busy preparing subzi / curry and I bet most of you would have done it to.

FAQs :

1.How do we celebrate Krishna Jayanthi / Gokulashtami at home?
We prepare 2-3 dishes (preferably Seedai and Aval / Rava Laddoo) in the afternoon. Draw footprints of Krishna from entrance of the home to the Pooja room – if you have toddlers at home, use their legs to draw footprint, else, fold the hand, place it vertically on the floor and place 5 small dots above it to draw the footprint. Gather all the family members late evening and do pooja with a Krishna Idol or photo! Relish the dishes and also share it with neighbours to make Krishna Jayanthi celebration just perfect!

2.What are the 3 important and easy recipes for Gokulashtami?
Seedai (a savory), Aval / Rava Urundai (sweet) and Appam (a snack)  and Murukku are easy, common and popular dishes for Gokulashtami.

3.How do you make the batter for drawing the kolam or footprint of Krishna at homes?
Take about a cup of rice flour and mix with an equal quantity of water. Blend it for a minute and batter is ready! Use a small piece of white cloth and drench in the watery flour mix to make it read for drawing the footprint. Though the traditional method is to soak raw rice for 2 hrs, grind it to batter and use it for drawing footprint.


You can find a collection of popular gokulashtami recipes which includes seedai recipes,aval recipes,home butter,murukku recipes etc.

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Gokulashtami Recipes | Krishna Jayanthi Recipes | Janmashtami Special Recipes

Gokulashtami recipes collection including seedai, murukku etc
Prep Time2 hrs
Cook Time3 hrs
Total Time5 hrs
AuthorSharmilee J


  • Uppu seedai
  • Vella seedai
  • Sweet aval
  • Kai murukku
  • Appam
  • Thattai
  • Aval Kesari
  • Butter
  • Butter murukku
  • Rava Ladoo

Homemade Flours

  • Rice flour
  • Urad dal flour


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