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Football is a wonderful sport and has many benefits, not only for adults but also for children. However, if you are equipped with the right soccer cleats, you will definitely perform better on the pitch. In this article, Scott Fujita will introduce you to the top 10 best soccer cleats for kids 2021. Along with that are buying guides and some common questions.


Best soccer cleats for kids 2021

1. Nike Youth Phantom Venom Academy FG Soccer Cleats (Best overall)

The Nike Youth Phantom Venom Academy Soccer Cleats give young players outstanding ball control and a high level of precision to achieve powerful shots. These synthetic soccer cleats feature a mesh upper with NIKESKIN coating that matches the natural curve of your child’s foot and feels a comfortable fit. They have a micro textured surface that allows for advanced ball control. In addition, the asymmetrical lacing system and elastic mesh covering the lower half of the lanyard expand the striking area.


Best soccer cleats


  • There is a ledge of the foot.
  • The soleplate provides safe traction.
  • Suitable for use on firm grass.
  • Includes a contoured sockliner that provides extra cushioning.


  • Can be difficult to wear due to the tightness.

The upper part of the Nike Youth Phantom Venom firm ground soccer cleats is given a lot more attention and care. The company worked hard to create 4-in-1s when divided into 4 strategic zones. In general, the soft, sure upper part easily fits the shoe, the Nikeskin material covering is a big plus when it is clearly visible its advantages. Going towards the heel will have a stiffer frame for stability and protection, especially hard on the lower part of the heel. Inside the shoe uses a very soft synthetic leather material.

The sole of these best youth soccer cleats overall is completely new, never appeared on any product, the material is made of neoprene without natural yellowing. The overview shows that there are countless small nails arranged very neatly and beautifully, each nail has a 3-pointed star shape, one forward to speed up, 2 pointed rear wings for stability. 

Bottom line

It can be said that, with a very affordable price point as well as modern and outstanding features, the Nike Phantom Venom Soccer Cleats deserves to be considered the best kids soccer cleats overall in this review. Try it out!

2. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 FG Soccer Cleats (Kids)

On the surface, the adidas Mutator Predator 20.1 is definitely eye-catching. It’s more organic and wild aesthetic stands out in a sea of shoes full of clean lines and futuristic flair. Highlighting this look is the inclusion of “Demonskin”, spikes covering most of the top and around the heel counter. Most of the spines appear on the front feet and the instep where the most contact. We didn’t take long to count all the spikes but interestingly, the outer soccer cleat counter is also decorated with pretty sharp spikes as they are made from plastic.


Best soccer cleats for wide feet


  • Unique, powerful design.
  • The thorns are very powerful.
  • Crunchy feeling when hitting.
  • FG / AG compatible.


  • Requires plenty of break-in time.
  • The middle of the feet is tight.

The next test allowed me to switch gears in a proper training session and full match. Predator didn’t disappoint you. We can confirm that the spikes grip actually works as advertised. The passes are still sharp and the shots have a strong feel to it. We couldn’t resist getting my feet through the ball, that’s how we love the effect of the devil’s thorns.

These youth soccer cleats give real return to the pinnacle of electric startups. If you have good ball control technique, you will really enjoy making shots and passes to keep the opponent off guard. It is true that Demonskin’s spikes won’t solve all your problems if you hit the first ball badly but they will give you a bit of grip when you are receiving the ball at fast speed.

Bottom line

The Mutator Predator 20.1 firm ground soccer cleats start with an unbearable fit before turning into a really powerful boot that gives you control, as advertised. It’s a soccer cleat that feels great I’ve never felt before and is definitely unique in an environment where football shoe developers aim to touch the ball closer.

3. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats (Best rated)

Would you like to know what would be the perfect gift for your soccer crazy kid? There is nothing more to make him smile than a specially designed soccer cleat to improve performance and look special on the pitch. Out of the thousands of products currently on sale in the market, the Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleats are the best rated soccer cleats with a trendy look without compromising on any aspect of performance.


  • Rubber outsole and studs for better grip.
  • Many colors available.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Mold for your child’s feet.
  • Leather upper.


  • Can be narrow, so you should buy a size larger than half.

The exterior of this course is made of synthetic material. That shows both durability and an aesthetic style to appeal to everyone. Another great feature is they come in very bright colors that appeal to both boys and girls. Plus, it’s also a great way to monitor your kids, even from afar. Because they can be seen from a long distance.

A durable rubber sole provides a perfect grip that makes this product usable on both solid courts and pitches. Furthermore, these soccer cleats for kids are designed to give maximum grip so your child won’t trip over. About ½ inch rubber sole and rubber studs are perfect for the comfortable mobility of your youngest. A durable stretch liner combined with a two-color rubber outsole provides much-needed contrast in the design and gives the model a sense of design.

Bottom line

Continuing their economic series, the Vizari Infinity is a great-quality soccer cleat that fits like a sock on your kid’s feet. Because it is specifically designed for greater user comfort. While this pair of cleats may be tight, you should ask for a larger size so that the feet have less room to inflate a little and the shoes won’t hurt your child’s feet.

4. Adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz 18.4 FxG J Soccer Shoe

As you may know by the name of the Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz 18.4 Soccer Cleats, they are really designed for kids. Now, they are fairly low priced and affordable, so they are probably the best cleats for kids playing in their first season and just starting out with the sport. They offer an affordable option, one that won’t worry you too much in case your kid wants to quit playing after a few games.


  • Lightweight disposition.
  • Durable.
  • Excellent for dribbling and shooting.
  • Affordable.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Synthetic material.


  • A little bit narrow.

The Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz 18.4 Firm Ground cleat has some really great features that make them ideal for kids, as well as ideal for playing soccer in general. First of all, these soccer shoes are made of synthetic material, that’s okay.

What’s more, the Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz 18.4 Soccer Cleat has a double-layered mesh top that does barely weigh anything. Of course, one of the biggest benefits here is that the mesh is very flexible and moves in your child’s footsteps.

In addition, the breathable and ventilation of this Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz 18.4 Soccer Shoe thanks to the double layer mesh above, is something your child will definitely appreciate.

Bottom line

The Adidas Nemeziz 17.4 FxG has a great lightweight feel and outstanding visual design has ended the deal for most users. However, not everyone seems to love the tight and narrow structure of the gap. Players recommend increasing the size to achieve the best fit comfort. In case there was only one cleat to use on different arenas, the Nemeziz 17.4 FxG would definitely be a great choice with its budget friendly ratio.

5. BomKinta Kid’s FG Soccer Shoes

BomKinta prides itself in creating some of the most stylish and comfortable soccer cleats for your youngsters. All of their products are made of quality materials so they can withstand a multitude of daily activities and lengthy seasons.

These special cleats are designed to give your child the comfort they lack in other cleats. They come with a soft synthetic leather upper for the soothing experience of the feet.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Absorbs impact and stress.
  • Colorful.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Enhanced strength.


  • Can cause blisters.

Note that the upper is made from extremely durable and elastic-resistant material for maximum longevity. For even more comfort, the firm ground youth soccer cleats come with proper cushioning around the collar and the soles of the feet.

Even if your kids spend hours practicing on the pitch, you will never hear them complain of any discomfort. As expected, these pair of cleats come with molded rubber outsoles with great traction making them versatile for use on any football field. If your son or daughter has never known comfort when it comes to soccer cleats, buy them these cleats and they will thank you.

Bottom line

The BomKinta FG Soccer Cleats for kids are also designed to last. Stylish color options ensure a pair to match the unique fashion taste of every soul.

6. Joma Toledo JR MD 24 Kids Soccer Shoes

If you’re looking for the first cleat for your child that won’t cause a dent in your pocket then this shoe might be one! The Joma Kids Toledo JR MD 24 soccer cleats is the perfect outdoor shoe for your kid soccer players. Made from very versatile high quality Fibertec with a rubberized, lightweight and comfortable sole.


  • Rubber soles.
  • Suitable for all genders.
  • Upper: High quality synthetic Fibertec.
  • Outsole: High quality rubber.
  • Interior: brushed nylon.
  • Low profile studs.


  • No size chart available.

These cleats are designed for use on both pitch and turf due to the low profile studs under the shoe, so this should resolve your concerns about stability. The sole is made of high quality rubber, so it will provide good grip when running on the field.

The upper covering of these youth soccer cleats is made of synthetic leather fiber which will provide good protection against scratches and provide cushioning for the foot when kicking. The inside of the cleat is lined with brushed nylon so it absorbs the impact of running and jumping on the ground without hurting ankles and knees. 

Bottom line

With the Joma Toledo JR MD 24 Kids Soccer Cleats, your kids will have more ball control and stand out on the pitch. And its price is really a very affordable investment.

7. Adidas Copa 19.3 Firm Ground Kids Soccer Shoe

The adidas Copa 19.3 FG soccer cleat can help all of your touches feel more real and inspiring. Copa turns every touch of your foot into a genius stroke. The soft leather upper part of this soccer shoe keeps you comfortable while the stitching on it enhances ball control. The outsole includes soft inlays to cushion the main pressure points of the foot. A stretchy collar wraps around your feet to lock you up while you leave your mark on in the game.


  • The pair fits comfortably.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Good cushion.
  • Initial tight.
  • Lightweight.


  • Bulky feel.

At 11 oz, the Kids Copa 19.3 isn’t Adidas’ lightest kids soccer cleats but it’s built to be highly durable with plenty of emphasis on comfort, even for wide feet. The upper is made of synthetic leather and TPU for the studs and soleplate, a type of shoe typical for defenders who will do some tackling.

Bottom line

For a budget-friendly soccer shoe, the Adidas Copa 19.3 Firm Ground has a lot to offer its wearer. Comfortable and highly aesthetically pleasing, these Adidas firm ground children soccer cleats are a welcome addition to the Copa collection. So if you are on a budget and you are looking for the right soccer shoe for the job, then this pair is definitely worth a try.

8. JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats

If you are looking for versatile cleats for kids, then JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats is the choice you should consider.


  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable lace.
  • Reduce the friction.
  • Versatile.


  • These soccer cleats for kids don’t have enough review.

Synthetic fabric feels light and comfortable, not easy to squeeze. The tongue pad and toe box help reduce friction on the foot and the effects of passing. Fully adjustable lace opening and closing for a secure fit to ensure your child has a better performance on the playground.

The rubber molded soleplate with a rotating traction profile can reduce the friction between the shoe and the ground. These youth soccer cleats are suitable for boys and girls to play sports at soccer fields, rugby fields, sports halls and roads.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a pair of quality soccer shoes for a reasonable price, then JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats is one of the best soccer cleats. It provides excellent traction for children soccer players who do their best on the pitch.

9. Adidas Kids’ Goletto VII Fg Sneaker

Speed and stability are two important features for a shoe designed for use on solid ground. And this is exactly what these Adidas Goletto VII firm ground kids soccer cleats are optimized for. They also have a classic look and will give your child a comfortable in all games.


  • Designed for speed and stability.
  • Premium synthetic leather for durability.
  • Lace soccer cleats.
  • Die-Cut EVA insole.
  • Flexible rubber outsole for max traction. 


  • Maybe a bit narrow for some child plays.

One of the biggest reasons parents love this shoe is the quality of the materials used to design it. It has an extremely durable, yet lightweight synthetic upper. This makes the shoe feel extremely comfortable and lightweight on your small feet.

Unlike most firm ground kids soccer cleats that lack good soles, this model gives you a cut-out EVA sole that provides premium cushioning plus comfort – providing more comfort for players throughout. Match sets or training sessions.

On top of that, the cleat has a highly flexible rubber outsole that gives your youngster maximum grip and increased acceleration on solid ground.

Bottom line

Overall, the Adidas Goletto VII soccer cleats for kids are the perfect choice if you are looking for a high quality shoe that will turn your young player into a football player.

10. Adidas Unisex-Child Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe

Football is more and more interested in all over the world. Leading manufacturer Adidas has been making quality youth soccer shoes for a long time, and with adidas Unisex-Child Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe, they seek to refine the design to specifically cater to the needs of children.


  • Thin profile.
  • Outsiders of the FG.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Good match rate.
  • Impressive sizes available for kids.


  • Limited protection.
  • There are few color options.

Goletto VIs has an outer frame firm ground. This means they are workable for use in professional soccer leagues and tournaments. The use of synthetic leather for the upper provides a good balance between elasticity and protection.

What’s also good is that the overall profile is thinner than what Adidas would normally do in men’s soccer shoes. This will result in a better match (81%). With size not such a big deal, the Goletto VI soccer shoe is often the right choice.

Another good thing about these soccer cleats, besides the obvious budget pricing, is the available size. You can buy them in sizes from 5M to 11M, which are great for kids, teenagers and most adult female soccer players.

Bottom line

With outstanding features, adidas Unisex-Child Goletto Vi deserves to be featured in Scott Fujita’s list of the best soccer shoes for kids list today.

Some features you should consider when choosing a soccer cleat for young players


While choosing a soccer shoe, look for shoes that are super light, yet sturdy and durable. The materials most commonly used for the upper part of soccer shoes are leather, synthetic leather, mesh and knitting. While synthetic shoes are lightweight, leather types are more durable. If your child wants a flat sole to protect their feet in hot and humid conditions, mesh or knitting are ideal options.

Course Type

Not all soccer shoes are suitable for all types of courses and conditions. Soccer shoes differ depending on the court surface. Before you buy a pair, find out where your child is playing, on hard ground, muddy ground, artificial turf or in the indoor area.

Player Position

Your child’s position on the pitch and style of play also determine the type of club they require. Strikers need light handed shots that provide agility and good ball control, while goalkeepers can benefit from excellent traction shots.


Last but not least, make sure the cleats your child wears are just right. In addition to choosing a base that offers high performance and providing great support is essential, they should also be comfortable to wear and play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do children need soccer cleats?

Soccer shoes are one of the most important components of your child’s soccer device. Overall, soccer shoes provide good grip and traction and protect their feet while playing. Depending on the surface your child plays on, they may require a specific type of nail.

2. Which parts of the soccer shoe get worn out early?

The sole on the bottom of the shoe is rarely worn. Instead, the foam inside the shoe and the outer part of the shoe near the toes tend to wear first.

3.  Do I need to clean my soccer cleats?

They last longer if they are cleaned regularly. Clean synthetic shoes with mild detergent and a little water. Clean leather shoes with the leather cleaning kit for shoes.


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, with around 265 million people actively participating in the game. In many countries, this sport is often referred to as not only for physical development but also for improving mental agility, making it a perfect game for children. 

That said, no soccer training session or match is complete without soccer cleats. Children should therefore be provided with the right kind of soccer shoes. Scott Fujita searched high and low to come up with a list of the 10 best soccer cleats for your child in 2021. 

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