List of the Best Google Apps for Android & iSO

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In this article, I would like to describe the best Google apps working on mobile. I analyze how Google works in terms of mobile applications. We can talk about a few very busy months, since the Alphabet company has launched a large number of applications, many of them focused on helping and making life easier for users.

In case you missed the launch of a Google app, do not worry, because I bring you a compilation list in which I described those applications presented by Google. In addition, all of them are available in the Play Store, so you can use it without any hesitation.

  • Top Google Apps for Education

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Best Google Apps:

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store or commonly known as Play Store. It is the application store created by Google where you can find different types of android application, e.g games, TV channels, music, books and more apps. It is available for any mobile device having an Android operating system.

To use Google Play Store on your Android phone, you must have a Google account (Gmail) to associate it with your device. On the top, you can search for any app. Just search and install it. Be careful and you must be aware of the using app.

Google Drive App

Its is an application used to access Drive files without using any space of our mobile or computer. This is cloud storage services that allow us to save all types of files and documents on the Internet. We will be able to access them from anywhere. Google provides 15GB cloud space for free to each google account.

Gmail App:

Gmail is a very important app developed by Google with an updated interface. Through this app, we can send and receive emails via an android phone. Updated Gmail app has all categories and we can get notification of the coming email.

Google Maps 

Google Maps is a web map application server developed by Google. It offers scrollable map images, as well as satellite photographs of the world. It also shows the route between different locations or street-level images with Google Street View. Google Maps offers the ability to zoom in and out to display the map. The user can control the map with the mouse or the arrow keys to move to the desired location.

YouTube App

YouTube is a video social platform where users can upload and share videos. It hosts a variety of movie clips, TV shows, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogs. You can download the YouTube app from the Play Store and install it on your smartphone. 

Google News

Google News app is a smartphone news app that constantly tracks the updated information of the main online media. Allows you to sort or change the updated news when entering the Google News site. The news list is a maximum of 30 days of consultation. The news list is available, both in images and text versions.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual statistical automatic translation service provided by Google. It translate text, voice, image or video in real-time from one language to another. It offers a mobile app for the smartphone. 

Google Photos

Google Photos is a computer and mobile application for photo and video exchange and Google storage service. It is used to organize all the photos, videos automatically.

Google Assistant

Google assistants app is a virtual assistant available mainly on mobile devices. You can perform daily tasks, such as making calls, sending messages, searching on Google, and even talking to the user.

Gallery Go

In July 2019, Google presented Gallery Go, a photo gallery app capable of organizing your images without the need for an Internet connection. This application, designed especially for developing countries, can edit photos automatically and does not pose a risk to privacy, since the operations are carried out locally and do not go through Google servers.

Sound Amplifier

One of the 9 most prominent features of Android 10 is Sound Amplifier, which is also available as an application in the Play Store. This tool is responsible for improving the sound of your mobile by filtering, increasing and amplifying the sounds of the real world, reducing noise so you can listen better.

Live Transcribe

Without a doubt, Live Transcribe is in the top 3 of the best applications launched by the giant this year. Presented during Google I / O 2019, this accessibility application was created for deaf and hearing-impaired users, although it can be used by all users. Its operation is very simple: it transcribes in real time the words and sounds of the environment, and also allows writing on the screen.

Unlock Clock

If there is something that Google has been especially concerned about this year, that has been digital well-being. In fact, the company has launched 5 applications for you to disconnect from the mobile. One of them is Unlock Clock, which makes you think about the time you spend with the phone showing you the number of times you unlock the device at the end of the day.

Desert Island

Desert Island is another of the apps created by Google for the social welfare of users, in charge of blocking most applications on your phone so you can only use the most essential ones.


Bolo is designed to encourage elementary school children with reading. As outstanding features, this Google app encourages children to read aloud, helping them when they have problems and encouraging them when they do well.


Morph is similar to Desert Island. However, when blocking apps, you can choose which applications you will need at every moment of the day. For example, if you know that at work you need WhatsApp, you can configure it to access only that app while you work.

Google Go

The countries where the Internet connection is limited is real, which is why Google Go has also developed the lightweight version of its search engine. With only a weight of 7 MB, this search engine works even when the network connection is unstable. In addition, when there is no Internet connection, the app stores search to load when it becomes available again.

We Flip

If you did not like the previous digital wellness apps, you can try We Flip, oriented towards the technological disconnection in a group. To do this, the devices of all members must have the app installed. When so, a switch will appear on the screens that must be activated to begin the digital disconnection session. As soon as one of them decides to leave, so will the rest of the participants, who can see how the experience has been through informative data.

Post Box

Also designed for digital well-being, Post Box is responsible for collecting all notifications on your phone and showing them at the time you choose. In this way, you are not always pending to see what notices you have received. In addition, the app can organize notifications by categories and send them in groups several times a day.

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