Lovebug Is The Best Delivery Pizza Near Me – Woodland Hills Pizza

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There has been a buzz in the San Fernando Valley about lovebug pizza since it opened in Woodland Hills.

They are known for great pizza, delicious food, cute delivery cars and a friendly staff.  As a mother that has been very involved with my children’s schooling, I love that they are supportive of local schools also.  They also offer catering for large and small parties.  They even host fun parties on their patio.  As we sat outside my wheels were spinning trying to think of reason to have a catered or hosted party here.

Lovebug specializes in crazy, delicious California-style pizza made from the freshest possible premium ingredients that can be delivered to your door.

My family dined in.  Well, actually on the outside patio.   As we ate our food we enjoyed the fresh California weather as people passed on Topanga Canyon.

Of course we  ordered pizza.   My son ordered the BBQ chicken pizza.  This pizza is prepared with Natural, antibiotic-free chicken breast, fresh-sliced scallions, red onion and cilantro, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.   I was could not decide on which pizza I wanted to order.  I was stuck between the Margherita pizza ( Fresh roasted garlic, Roma tomatoes and hand-chopped basil) and Veggie Garden pizza ( A bounty of fresh-cut spinach, green peppers, red onion, mushrooms, artichokes and olives).   I ordered half and half.  My daughter ordered a Premium Pepperoni Pizza.  It was prepared with Premium nitrate-free pepperoni and whole-milk mozarella.  All pizzas are made with lovebug fresh dough and sauce that is made from scratch.   We stuck to the classic menu and chef specials,  but you can create your own pizza.

I was unaware that my kids ordered additional food. When our food was brought to the table I was pleasantly surprised to see they had ordered baked buffalo wings as well.  I love buffalo wings with ranch dressing.  These wings were so delicious.  I was so happy they were baked.  After all of the food I ate I was trying to convenience myself eating baked wings was a healthier option.  Lovebug does have salads on the menu, but the plan to order a salad went out the window as I tried to decide on what to eat.  We did not stop a wings, I had been wanting to try the Buffalo Chicken Mac.   We could not eat it all.  My son took some to school the next day and said it still taste delicious at room temperate.   My son and I do not eat beef or pork.  Unfortunately we did not have the pleasure of trying the Sweet Roll Meatball Sliders that my daughter ordered.   I have been told these sliders are absolutely delicious.  They include meatballs, mozzarella and homemade pizza sauce on a Hawaiian sweet roll.  I can only imagine how delicious these meatball sliders taste because I love sweet rolls.   Maybe lovebug will consider making some with turkey.

Prior to our visit, I had visited the lovebug site and yelp reviews and saw the Nutella  S’mores Crisp.   I am not much of a sweet eater, but I knew I had to try it.    When it was placed on our table we each cut and grabbed a slice.   This mouthwatering mix of crispy and gooey was more than I expected.  Everyone at the table except my son kept saying, “This is my last piece.”  All the while taking another piece afterwards. Eventually we had to stop, leaving the rest for my son to eat.


Lovebug is not just your ordinary pizza parlor with basic Italian food items.  They offer a variety of creative foods.  Although, we came in ordering familiar items we did try food that you cannot get anywhere else.

Lovebug is definitely crazy delicious pizza!


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