Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Synopsis & Recap

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Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3. At the 2nd season premiere of ‘Making the Cut,’ we saw 10 new designers aim to make their brand globally and achieve great fashion success. Heidi and Tim brought back the panel of judges, and as soon as they entered, the two powerful men were amazed at the level of competition being thrown on the table. In addition, the unexpected arrival of Vogue Business also played a small role. The current season has already broadcast the first two episodes, and if you want more details alike, Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3.

Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3 Aired Date

Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3 will be released on 23 July 2021, at 12:00, A.M. ET on Amazon Prime. The current season has 8 episodes in total, each running for 70 minutes.

‘Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3’ Synopsis

In Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3, the remaining eight designers will compete against each other for a brand new title in the photo. Heidi and Tim will return to the next stage of the competition. As noted in the past, the winning look at the end of the episode will be sold on Amazon. The winner of the game will eventually have the opportunity to manage $ 1 million and train with Amazon.

‘Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 2’ Review

In Making The Cut Season 2 Episode 3,’ ‘Resortwear,’ Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn returned to find the world’s next most impressive product! They entered the Malibu farm, selecting 10 talented tailors who showed off their first season of the season. Every designer creates two looks that complement their personality. Before the costume could enter the ranks, every designer had to say a few words to fashion journalist Maghan McDowell of Vogue Business.

Gary Graham, a New York-based designer, has produced 2 waistbands with vintage patterns that, when turned into a story, are about redemption as he has revealed. His creative skills have made him a winner this week. According to some, designer Joshua Scacheri almost couldn’t, while Lendrell Martin of New Jersey is the first to come out this season. After the show’s debut, the second episode of ‘Resortwear’ focused on holiday outfits and welcomed fashion designer Prabal Gurung to the judges ’corner along with Heidi and Tim.

Every designer posted a photo of their design on social media, and four fashion prosecutors were asked to vote for the best outfit. The winner has the opportunity to work with an influential figure in Amazon Fashion’s fashion line, Drop. Scacheri completely transformed the game in this episode with a healthy look that challenged bridesmaid designer Andrea Pitter who was widely published, and the first one eventually won an award. The second competition to be completed this week was Jaipur / Los Angeles designer Dushyant Asthana.


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