Master Bathroom Reveal with Claw Foot Tub

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If I am totally honest,  when we bought this home, one thing that I felt like I “gave up” was a private master bathroom. We’d been spoiled with this luxury in all of our previous homes.  I was worried how I’d feel having the room that I bathed in also be the room guests used when they stop by.  Still, we loved the bones of this home and we chose location and schools over size of home, and made it work. We made some improvements when we moved in to this main floor bathroom and I found myself quickly adjusting to using the hallway to get to my room. No biggie! When given the opportunity to add on to our home, however, I knew that in addition to a larger kitchen, my wish was a master bathroom of our very own.

I was excited to use this space, but I also wanted to make sure that was the best use of the added square footage. In our research, we discovered that master bathroom “en suites” add major value to real estate.  In fact, adding a full bath to your home can add up to 20%  of your value (provided the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are equal after the addition). We actually engaged a couple real estate professionals to see what home buyers in our area look for and expect in homes at our price-point.  This was merely for information as we aren’t looking to make a move any time soon. When contemplating major changes to your home, it is always wise to consider the future resale value, but also I am a big believer in designing it how your family uses it NOW!

One thing that was important for me to keep intact after our renovation, is the cozy appeal of our 1950’s home. With this in mind, I planned our master bathroom with a claw-foot tub and cute vintage-style hex tiles in a daisy pattern. I take a bath everyday. I prefer it to showering so a nice tub was important for both looks and utility. You can see from the faucet hardware, that we use this bath for showering too! There wasn’t space to make them separate and this solution works well. I personally, wouldn’t buy a home I couldn’t bathe in, it is too important to me, but when planning your home, think about how you use it! Your home should work for you.

The tub and the hardware is from Vintage Tub with the Shower Kit. It is cast iron and a major statement piece in our bathroom. Vintage Tub will paint your cast iron tub if you want, we had them paint the outside and feet in matte black. I absolutely love the way it turned out!!! I had a couple people that messaged me and told me that a cast iron tub gets cold fast. I did a lot of research and that could happen with older cast iron tubs. Happy to report our cast iron tub is not cold, and it holds the heat perfectly!

I just think this tub is SO cute!!!!! I have showered it and Kevin has, it works great. A clawfoot tub to shower in is not going to be for everyone, but we both really liked the look if it.

The kids are obsessed with bathing in the tub! We like the vintage sprayer….looks like a phone. Plus it makes it easy to wash Finn’s hair and clean the tub!

We did two of these shower curtains. I had actually ordered a different color, but I didn’t like how the shower liner was so noticeable. So I did this white fabric liner (toxic-free) that we can wash. And these ring clips, it can pull all the way around the front of the tub. 

I knew I wanted tile everywhere. Not only does it add some texture to the space, but it makes cleanup so easy! We used this vintage, matte tile with black grout for the walls. I have gotten asked “is the grout supposed to look like that?” YES!!! It is made to look old and worn. I picked this tile because of the natural vibe and the color match the cafe tile really well. (we got it from our local Tile America Store). 

We couldn’t find the pattern tile that we wanted in stock. I really love the daisy pattern, so we opted to create the pattern by popping out the white tile after they had been laid and adding in the black tiles for the design. This was a labor of love. It was tricky and a lot of time to get them to lay flush and look good, but they are all flush. I would highly recommend buying them with the pattern already put in if you can.  I found them online HERE (they were out of stock when we needed them). I love the crisp and timeless look of the black and white! *I believe it was even harder for us because we have heated floors and didn’t want to break the wire for the heating when we were chipping out the white tiles. 

Of course, I added a lot of houseplants in here. They add so much life and I have found my plants LOVE to live in the bathroom. For more information on getting started or caring for your houseplants, see these posts. 

Your bathroom vanity is basically the furniture for the room. In every inspiration photo I saved, the bathroom had wood a vanity. I chose this double vanity with a marble top and used THESE faucets in matte black. It was really affordable and gives the look I wanted! It is a great idea to look for vanities sold as an “all in one” piece like this because it can save you money and time! I rounded up some ones that I loved in this post.


I love the natural light in our bathroom! But it is right off of the deck. So we hung our favorite bamboo shades in here, they filter the light nicely and offer privacy from afar. But if people are on the deck and you want to use the bathroom, you just might want a little more privacy, so we added THIS blackout roller shade behind our bamboo shade.  

I used these metal framed mirrors and these sconces to finish off the vanity look. I went back and forth on sconces, but these are a really fun way to tie back to my kitchen fixture and having the light over the mirror instead of to the side allowed for the larger mirrors I wanted. 

We used THESE hooks to hang our favorite turkish towels (NESTING30 for 30% off). No bathroom (or room in general) is complete without a diffuser. I can’t imagine getting ready without one! See all my favorite diffusers, and how we use them instead of candles in this post. 

We had one small vanity with zero storage in our hall bathroom, so having a spot to put all my makeup and toothbrushes feels so fancy!!!! I was so excited to organize everything, we used THESE acrylic organizers that worked perfect. 

Behind the doors under the sinks is just one big opening. So I ordered THESE storage drawers that work perfectly! 

Knowing that our master bathroom would be black and white gave me the confidence to paint our master walls black- a decision I couldn’t be happier with. This room also connects to our brand new master closet and I wanted to blend all the rooms together with the similar vibe. 

With so much tile, it can begin to feel chilly, so we opted for heated floors. It can get pretty cold here in the winter. It cost about $2500 (our room is about 10′ x 10′) felt like a reasonable expense for something we’d never regret having.

We went with shiplap on the ceiling, I just love the cozy texture it adds! The ceiling and trim are painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White. And we have the large version of THIS light fixture! I actually used it in three spots with our addition, I just loved it so much. 

Thanks for taking our master bathroom tour! 

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