Master Bedroom Design Inspiration | The Horrid “Before” Picture

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(UPDATE:  You can now view the finished Master Bedroom Makeover.)

Let’s get one thing straight here.

I am fully aware how sad these pictures are, which I am about to show you.

And this isn’t easy for me.

Our master bedroom has hurt my eyes from the moment we moved into this house.  It is not necessarily the bones of the room – those are really not that bad.  It’s more the throw-up of furniture and old college hand-me-downs that have plagued us for far too long.

My process has always been to fix up a room, and then expose it for the world to see and be inspired.  But this time, with our master bedroom makeover, I thought I would try to take you along for every bit of the ride.

Starting with the sad (but true) “before” picture.

And it is killing me not to have an “after”.  (Real quick disclaimer – I have made zero attempt to decorate this room, at all).

So here we are, walking into the bedroom.

On the right, we have our “baby in a closet” space.  On the left is the master bathroom (which is a makeover adventure on it’s own).  Straight ahead is the baby changing table and rocking chair which was placed in our room because there was no where else.  I call that “convenient clutter”.

Come on in, a bit more – and I’ve even left the laundry baskets out for you – just to make sure you are getting a good dose of reality here.  (I am seriously blushing right now).

The bedding – eeek.  The side table – bla.  The forest green blinds (which you can’t really see) – seriously have to go.  All that clutter!  I know!

I don’t even like our bedroom.  I actually avoid it, except to sleep of course.  It’s just been that room that has hit the back burner, while we worked on our girls room, here and here.  And of course the living room and kitchen were far more important.

The woodworking and paint on the walls is from the original owners, and is really not bad.  I could have make this room look at least decent for the past 2 years – but I was just too sidetracked and knew I wasn’t ready to invest any more time and money into small fixes.

The hubs did build a wall closet for us, when the babes took over the walk-in closet.

Ya, I know.  It needs some love as well.  Trust me – it’s in the grand plan.  Kids rooms are going to get swapped around, and we are going to claim our room again.

I might add, I always prefer the look of hardwood floors, but being how this is fairly new carpet (and very plush) – it seems a shame to rip it out.  It is a nice break on the feet from all the hardwood in the main living areas any way.

Even though it feels like I am exposing my deepest, darkest secrets here – after hearing all the loving and kind and helpful responses from readers in my dining room dilemma, I decided that the blogging community is so wonderful and I shouldn’t be so nervous to show the spots that are not quite there yet.  I do of course, welcome any and all nice suggestions.  However,  I do want to share the plan my husband and I have set forth to finally make our most relaxing space, our favorite space.

Today, I’ll start by sharing all the spaces and images that have inspired me and given me vision for this master bedroom.  I plan to take bits and pieces from each.  I always start by gaining my vision first.  In each room makeover we have done, I try to have in mind a general theme or feel for a room before I start anything.  We definitely want this space to be serene, relaxing and calm.

So try your hardest to wipe those before pictures from your mind, and see what I see from the images below.

Dreamy Whites, image source.

Image Source

Comfy Cottage Style Bedroom Ideas (31)

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Image Source

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Image Source

Image Source – A Burst of Beautiful

You may have gathered that I love the white, clean and uncluttered spaces – with blues and wood tones thrown in for good measure.  All these spaces have the type of feel I hope to duplicate.

Up next, I will be sharing more details of our actual plan – such as colors, textures, patterns, and other up close details that inspire me.

So, what do you think?  Can I save this space?

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