Mid-Mod Exterior Paint Colors Reveal Hidden Treasure

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Last summer a local Boulder, Colorado realtor reached out to The Color Concierge to pick the perfect exterior paint colors to update her Mid-Century Modern home.  As a real estate agent, Juli Kovats, with 8Z Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado understands how a beautiful paint job can increase the value of a home. Juli wanted a beautiful house, and the increased property value was an added plus.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

The photos below show the house before we painted.  The body of the house was painted a yellow-beige color that clashed with the pink-beige of her roof.  The tones of the paint colors were similar, so there was no contrast, and the monochromatic tones hid the lovely xeriscaped front yard.  Juli really disliked the color of the roof, and had plans to update to a dark gray color, even though the roof was in good shape

Photo by M. Marceny

One of the most unattractive elements was the blue gray fence that circled the property because it clashed with the body paint.

Photo by M. Marceny

The house had not been painted in over a decade, and the siding was dried out from the low humidity Colorado climate.  Juli’s goal was primarily maintenance.   The garage windows had been covered with patterned plastic film to block the view into the garage.  The film color matched the fence but nothing else, and it all looked a little tired.

Photo by M. Marceny

The brick chimney also looked dated and you can see how its reddish tones clashed with the yellow beige siding.

The Mid-Century Modern Paint Color Palette

How do you choose a mid-mod exterior paint color palette?

  1. Select a muted color for the body.  In this case, we picked BM Hale Navy, a dark blue.
  2. Consider color blocks in a mid-toned color. We painted the garage a mid-toned blue gray, BM Stormy Sky.  The light blue-gray stained fence that was in place acted like a third color blocked element.
  3. Pick a bright color for the front door.
  4. Tie it all together with a creamy white for trim, fascia, soffits and porch ceilings.  We picked BM Pale Oak, a creamy color with warm red undertones to neutralize the mature trees on the lot.

Create the look with this color chart. We include these when you engage us for an In-Person or Online Color Consulting project.

Paint Color Chart

The Transformation

The new paint palette transformed this amazing Mid-Century modern house. When we discussed paint colors, Juli loved the idea of a color blocked exterior. The roof color ties in beautifully now with the xeriscaped front yard, and the homeowner does not plan to change the roof to update the color, a significant savings.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

This street view is a work of art! The blue gray fence that was a previous eyesore became part of this beautiful blue and gray palette.   The trim and fascia looks like a crisp white, even though Pale Oak is a complex greyed out white with red undertones.

Paint Selection Tips:

  • I always recommend a light colored fascia for a classic roofline.  Dark colors painted on the fascia make the roofline heavy.
  • Paint the soffits white for more light reflected into the windows.

Photo by M. Marceny

We stained the front deck the same color as the fence, and it looks amazing!  The front door added a beautiful pop of red-orange (BM Redstone) for a Mid-Mod touch.  The plastic patio chairs in white and aqua add another Mid-Mod twist.

Photo by M. Marceny

And that orange wood cow!  The metal bug was from an artist’s market on Bainbridge Island, which Juli picked up in her travels to Washington state.  It always pays to shop from your personal stash of stuff.

Photo by M. Marceny

We painted the back door, and Juli updated the lighting. The garage is painted with bM Gray Stormy Sky, and the body is BM Hale Navy with BM Pale Oak trim.

Paint Selection Tip:

  • Use the light trim color for porch ceilings.  It brightens the space!

Photo by M. Marceny

I love the skull Juli hung on the back door for a funky Western Colorado accent.  We replaced the old light fixture with this round Mid-Mod sconce.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

The back driveway view is my favorite.  Now, the blue-gray fence and the window film that looked so cheap is beautiful and interesting.  I love it!  We also replaced the exterior light fixtures with rectangular black lights.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

I love this picture. The dark gray garage color now acts as a beautiful contrast for perennials that we didn’t know were there because of the original tan color.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

The back of the house looks fresh and clean, and the fireplace has a new life painted Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky.

Photo by M. Marceny, The Color Concierge

The Verdict

We transformed a homely house into a Mid-Century Modern Treasure with typical paint colors with a modern twist.  Our homeowner is thrilled, and she loves driving up to her house every day.  Her house looks brand new, and we definitely increased the value of her home.

Don’t forget to test your paint colors! Check out “Learn to Test Paint Colors Like a Pro“.


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