Mid-Winter Bedroom Facelift

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Mid-Winter Blues?

No better way to combat mid-winter blues than sprucing up a particular space in your home.  After all, we spend too much time inside this time of year, so why not create somewhere you crave instead of dread. I’m guessing for most of you, and I’ve had plenty of conversations regarding this matter, bedrooms receive the least amount of heart when decorating your homes.  Am I right? 

As for me, our bedroom is always high on the priority list.  I already have enough trouble getting a full 8 hours of sleep due to a nonstop mind in motion. My brain is like a hamster on wheel, and I know I’m not alone.  I can’t imagine our bedroom being in constant disarray and trying to find rest there, so I’m going to share five quick and easy tips on how to spruce up your bedroom that will leave you craven your haven. (I crack myself up)

Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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  • New bedding– I update our bedding every couple of years.  To me, it’s an easy way to instantly refresh your bedroom with minimal effort. If you don’t want to change it all, try just switching out the accent pillows and adding a new throw to the end of the bed.
  • Lighting – Adding a lamp on each nightstand, or in my case sconces on either side of the bed, not only provides function but instant warmth. We recently updated our sconces for a more dramatic look.  More info on those sconces a little later.
  • Style those nightstands – Seriously though!  Make a constant effort to de-clutter them from used tissues, remote controls, and a mountain of cups. Instead, add a plant or vase of flowers, and some reading material.
  • Focal Point – Create a focal point above your bed.  We created this DIY shelf above our bed in a matter of minutes.  I have had these stunning vintage inspired corbels for about a year, and have been using them in our built-in bookcase. See below on where you can purchase some corbels too! They just happened to be the perfect size to accompany this old piece of barn wood.  I’ll share my original inspiration too!
  • New Paint – Strongly consider changing out the paint on your walls, and maybe even adding a highlight wall.  By far, this wood accent wall in our bedroom is my very favorite in the whole house.  I recently repainted the walls a dark gray, and it instantly added dramatic cozy. 

Camberly Sconces – Poly & Bark

We love our new Camberly Sconces from Poly & Bark.  We have updated a few different spaces with products from their site, and have been super pleased with their aesthetics and quality. Click here to see what other pieces we have added so far.

Shelf Inspiration

I say mid-winter, because come end of February, I’m focused on SPRING!  I gather inspiration from the same sources you all do.  Pinterest, Instagram, and home decor catalogs is where I navigate first, and not necessarily in that order.  Earmarking catalog pages is one of my favorite past-times, and definitely where much of my inspiration evolves. Recently I received Pottery Barn’s new bed/bath issue, and a new vision for above our bed emerged.

Those vintage inspired corbels I mentioned above are from Lumber & Lace, and they are impeccably hand-crafted.  They are the real deal friends, and I highly recommend this small shop. I have another set coming to incorporate under our fireplace mantle, so be on the look out for that!

See how I did that?  No, it’s not exactly the same, and I didn’t purchase a thing from this catalog.  I shopped my home, and I actually love how it came together better than the original source! Mid-winter bedroom facelift – CHECK!


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Spring is closer than we think, so push through these long winter days by exercising your creativity. Thanks so much for stopping by, and allowing me to share my ideas.  I look forward to your visits, and will be updating you again soon <3

**This post contains affiliate links.  I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something I have recommended.  Clicking on these links won’t cost you any extra, but it WILL help keep my site up and running AD FREE!

Author and Photos – Martha Knake

Chief Editor – Emily Schunke

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