Must have Android Blogging Apps for Bloggers [2021]

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If you want to start a blog today, it not mandatory that you must have a desktop or mac. You can start your blog on your mobile and start creating content for your reader instantly. Though it’s not deniable that for smoothly managing your blog articles, SEO or marketing, you need a PC, but there are tons of free mobile blogging apps for Android available in the Google Play store which can supplement your blogging jobs.

It’s not possible for us to use Desktop all the time. These android blogging apps can help you to engage with your Blogging work 24 hours a day, even you can create and post a new article from your mobile.

WordPress is the most used blogging platform today with more than 30 percent of websites built using this Platform.

In this article, you will find some must-have blogging apps for WordPress Bloggers on the Android Platform. All these mobile blogging apps are best in their respective category and completely free.


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Top Android Blogging Apps for WordPress Bloggers

If you are a WordPress blogger, then these are some top android Blogging Apps, you might consider installing on your Smartphone

  • Content Creation

If you are a WordPress user, then surely this app is the must for you. You can create, edit, and upload a new post from your mobile using this blogging app. Not only that, if you have multiple blogs, but you can also manage all your blogs from this single app on your android smartphone, for that you have to install Jetpack plugin on your every self-hosted blog.

This mobile blogging app allows you to do all the things that you normally do from your Desktop.

Download the WordPress app for Android & iOS.

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is an excellent android blogging app for bloggers. You can write your article or content or whatever you like while on go on your mobile or smartphone.

Download Writer Plus for Android.

Evernote app

Another free popular mobile blogging app for android users. It helps you to organize your ideas while on go. You can create an image, text, record, or make a to-do list on your mobile. All your created content can be synchronized with all the devise and you can access easily via desktop or mobile.

Download Evernote for Android.


Instapaper is a simple blogging app which helps you to save web pages for reading later. You can save any interesting article or news or anything else which comes across while browsing and read them later offline. Not only that this blogging app allows you to share the article on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Download Instapaper for Android.


The extremely popular app allows you to read hundreds of articles in a beautiful flipping manner. If you are a blogger, this blogging app helps you to browse many interesting articles and help you to generate fresh blog topics for the next post.

Download Flipboard for Android.


  • Traffic Analysis

Google Analytics

Mobile Blogging Apps

If you already installed Google Analytics code in your WordPress blog, the Google Analytics Android app helps you to access all the Google Analytics web data from your smartphone. You can monitor your blog’s all the site metrics like real-time traffic and all analytics data while on the go.

Download Google Analytics for Android.


Yandex Metrica

Similar to Google Analytics, first you have to register your blog in Yandex Metrica, copy the code and paste in your Blog’s <head> section (also you can do it by Google Tag Manager). You can track your Blog’s metrics and real-time traffic data by installing this app.

Download Yandex Metrica for Android.


  • Social Media Sharing


Mobile Blogging Apps

Extremely useful mobile blogging app for WordPress users and it is completely free. IFTTT app (if this then that) allows 600 apps including Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram to automatically interconnect together, and this Automation is called Applets.

IFTTT app is very useful and easy to use. This app helps you to automatically back up your photos and articles into Cloud storage like Google Drive or DropBox, post your Instagram images to Twitter Photos or Pinterest Pin. You can connect as many apps as you want without any coding skills.

Download the IFTTT app for Android.


Buffer app

If you want to schedule or reschedule your social media posts from your smartphone, then this free mobile blogging apps make your job easier. Buffer allows you to schedule your blog posts to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook in a most convenient way and saves your time to utilize it for finding new blogging topics. You can schedule your post automatically and maintain a constant presence in your social sphere.

Download Buffer app for Android.


  • Keywords Analysis

Google Ads

Mobile Blogging Apps

Android version of Google’s popular Keyword Planner tools helps you to find out the relevant keywords for the blog post. Just similar to Google’s Keyword Planner web version, you can get Keyword ideas more simplified way from your smartphone. You can use this app if you are an existing customer of Google Ads.

Download Google Ads apps for Android.


  • Photo Editing

Perfect and beautiful images are the most important part of any blog post. There are many excellent photo editing apps you will find in Google’s Apps Store. Here’s I am giving the list of some good image editing apps which I found most useful for the bloggers.


Another excellent app from Google used not only by the bloggers, but many Pro Photographers utilize this app to give their images a final touch. Snapseed user-friendly UI helps you make beautiful images for your blog in a very quick time. The Snapseed app can open both the JPG file and RAW file and help you to create HDR images. The app has more than 20 filters and tools and you can use the app only by the gesture.

Download Snapseed for Android.



The Android version of the popular online image editing software. We all know, Canva is one of the world’s most popular free designing tools, mainly used by bloggers, freelancers, and professionals for creating beautiful Posters, Banners, or infographics for the blog post. This mobile blogging apps is much easier to use than Photoshop image editor. You can upload your own images or graphics and customize them as per your blog topics. This blogging app for Android is completely free to use and enable you to edit or create your blog images from anywhere.

Download Canva for Android.


  • Marketing & Sales

Blogging is not only creating great content but to publicize the content so that it can reach to the greater number of audience. If you want to monetize your blog, then these mobile blogging apps may help you to boost your marketing and publicizing strategy.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense Android app allows you to track earning from your Google Adsense application. You can monitor estimated earning, page views, CTR, CTC from your Android phone while on go.

Download Google Adsense for Android.


MailChimp – Email, Marketing Automation

MailChimp is World’s largest free email automation platform, and if you want to integrate your WordPress blog with the MailChimp Email subscription tool, then this app immensely helps you to manage and monitor the blog’s subscription list from your smartphone. You can send an email, track your e-commerce campaign all from the mobile.

Download Mailchimp for Android.


Hubspot (CRM & Sales)

This blogging app enables you to build a personalized email template and sales content and allows to receive real-time notification on sales activity. The Hubspot also offers a great social media integration.

Download Hubspot for Android.


More Mobile Blogging Apps for Android Users



There are hundreds of blogging apps you will find in the Android Play Store. Above in this article, you will find a few of these popular blogging apps for Bloggers on the Android Platform completely free. You can install and examine which one will the most suitable for your blog.

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